Maria Mashkova

Picture of Maria Mashkova

Date of birth: 19.04.1985

Age: 31

Birthplace: Novosibirsk

Citizenship: Russia



Masha Mashkova born in a family of actors. Her mother, Elena Shevchenko, known for the films "Katka and Shiz," "Orphan of Kazan". The father - Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov - a popular actor and director ( "Russian revolt", "American Daughter", "oligarch", "Dad", etc.).

Masha`s parents separated when she was not yet four years. The girl remained with her mother, relationship with his father is never interrupted. She said: "I have a very good relationship with my mom and dad. I love them both, but imagine what it was when they were together, it was a bomb, for sure. Even I think: here there are families where the father, mother, children, and it`s so boring. And it is boring for children. Where they hang out? I, for instance, I can say: "Mom, I went to see the Pope." And vice versa. Me and Igor, his mother`s husband, very much, and grandparents - it`s just holy. I was lucky with relatives, I love them all, and it helps a lot to live. "

Since childhood, Masha dreams of becoming an actress. It is constantly engaged amateur, played Snow Maidens, Cinderellas. At eleven years old Maria made her debut on the silver screen, playing the role of a bad girl in the movie "Little Princess." A year later, she again starred in the film - in the movie "Mama Do not Cry." It is worth noting that in this film, she co-starred with his mother, Elena Shevchenko, that led to the casting of a daughter.

A sixteen Masha already played on the stage of the Theatre. Vl. Mayakovsky`s play "The Master Builder" by Henrik Ibsen. Maria Mashkova shares his impressions of his first appearance on the stage: "It was in some kind of trance, there was no fear of anything, honestly. I understood only that I have the motivation in life, that`s all. I thought: that`s come out, hang out on the stage, and that there will be, as I did not care. The only thing feared - that will say later: "My daughter Mashkov screwed. Poor Vladimir L. ".

Theater School

After school, Mary came to ... Plekhanov Academy at the Faculty of Economics. Why such an unexpected choice? While Masha and did not know how to answer this question. Rather, the role is played by the fact that there were around all the economic departments. That`s it for the company with his girlfriend chose this profession. And the daughter of choice approved and Vladimir Mashkov.

But Maria soon changed her mind and entered the Shchukin Drama School, which was a surprise to parents. Maria was accepted for a course Vladimir Petrovich Poglazova. By the time she managed to star in another TV series