Maria Kaznacheeva

Picture of Maria Kaznacheeva

Date of Birth: 09/17/1981

Age: 35

Place of birth: Yekaterinburg

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Maria Kaznacheeva was born September 17, 1981 in Yekaterinburg, in a theatrical family. Her father - a theater artist, and my mother was the director. In Yekaterinburg, Mary lived the first three years of life. Then her dad was offered a job in the Perm Youth Theatre, and the family moved there.

Mary Kaznacheeva childhood was tumultuous and intense. The girl was permanently recorded in a variety of mugs and so after school rushed to class or modeling clay, or sewing circle, or in a music school. But most of all Mary drew the acting profession. As early as nine years old girl made her debut on the silver screen role of Masha in the Soviet-Japanese film "Under the Northern Lights", filmed on the novel by Yukio Togawa "Under Aurora. 1912 ". Not hearsay she was familiar with the backstage life. So all went to the fact that after graduation Maria continued acting dynasty. That`s just the parents were against it - they thought that his daughter needed a more serious profession: translator and historian ...

Escape in Moscow

Despite the opinion of parents Maria Kaznacheeva yet decided to enter the theater. The Perm Theatre Institute carried out a set of Oleg and Lydia Vyhodovy, veteran actor of the Perm Drama Theater - old friends of Mary. To her, they were just - Oleg uncle and aunt Lida. They then advised the girl to try their hand in Moscow - they say, will not work in the capital city, then take you to him.

Mary was 16 years old, and because of her youth she believed that her such a wonderful and talented, power over everything. Unbeknown to the girl`s parents for a company with a young man went to Moscow, where he filed papers to several universities. Most of all she wanted to study at the Shchukin School. After all, in her opinion, this is not only prestigious university of the same Schepkinskogo school, but there iucheba more interesting and creative. However, the Shchukin she could not get through, but in Mary Schepkinskoe took what she said in a letter to parents.