Maria Kapnist

Picture of Maria Kapnist

Date of Birth: 03/22/1914

Age: 79

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Ukraine


Hereditary noblewoman

Maria Kapnist - a hereditary aristocrat, Countess, the leading origin of the family of the poet Vasily Kapnist (12.02.1758 - 28.10.1823).

In 1931, seventeen Maria was admitted to the theater studio Yu St. George at the Leningrad Drama Theater named after Pushkin (Leningrad Theatre Institute). But there she studied for a short time. The Soviet government did not forgive her noble origin. In 1934, Maria was expelled from the institute to the prohibition to live in Leningrad.

Some time Kapnist Maria worked as an accountant in Kiev, then in Batumi. But she had been deported in 1941. Separated with a small daughter, it was sent to hard labor in the Gulag. Following the home, property, loved ones, the freedom of Soviet power was taken away from the young woman`s former beauty and health. Seventeen years of hard labor the hardest ... Released Rostislavovna Maria was only in 1958.

Unforgettable actress

Maria Rostislavovna withstood all tests. It is said that after the camps, she was not afraid of anything - go to the cemetery at night, swim in the sea the night, climbing over fences, to prevent any manifestations of rudeness.

Freed Rostislavovna Maria found the strength to do what he likes. She was 44 years old when she started acting in movies. His expressive appearance, it immediately attracted the attention of filmmakers. It just so happened that we have not seen Mary Kapnist screen young and beautiful, did not survive even photos of her youth. But it has brought to the film a bright, wise, good soul, the mysterious, the original appearance.

Initially heroines Kapnist became gloomy, strict woman: Mother Superior in "Tavria" wise Manuyliha in "Olesya" peasant woman in the film, "We, the two men." Turning point was the role of the witch in Naina kinoskazki Alexander Ptushko "Ruslan and Lyudmila". It is hard to imagine another actress in this tricky and scary images. She had to work even with a huge tiger in a cage to which Maria Rostislavovna entered without flinching. Ptushko would continue to take Mary Kapnist, but it was his last film.

In the movie, Maria Kapnist filmed a lot. Although her role, as a rule, were small, but still unforgettable. The most convincing Maria Rostislavovna created images countesses, ladies mysterious old women, she did not have hard litsedeystvovat playing witches, gypsies and charodeek. She begged to come to the shooting of hundreds of kilometers for twenty seconds of screen time, so as soon as she appeared in the frame, can create the desired effect.

In the famous adventure film "Bronze bird" Maria Kapnist appears as a mysterious, suggestive guys fear Countess. In a fantastic comedy of Alexander Mayorov "Chance" she played the role of high society ladies Milica Fedorovna. And in the film directed by Victor Gres "The New Adventures of Yankee in King Arthur`s Court" and she played all three completely different roles - Fatum, Knight and Mother Superior.

Maria Kapnist never sat idle, she often gave charity concerts, and most importantly - Ukraine has made the return from oblivion the name of one of his glorious ancestors, writer Vasily Kapnist.

At the age of 79 years Maria Rostislavovna tragically died crossing the street.

Maria Kapnist buried in the family cemetery in the village of Great Obukhovets Poltava region.