Maria Forescu

Picture of Maria Forescu

Date of Birth: 01/15/1875

Age: 68

Citizenship: Ukraine


Maria Foresku was born January 15, 1875 in the city of Czernowitz (at that time was the center of the Duchy of Bukovina and was on the territory of Austria-Hungary, now part of Ukraine). He was educated in the women`s hostel in Prague, then felt interest in the theater, took voice lessons and acting. At the end of the century, beginning her singing career, performing in theaters Veny.Bystro reaching fame, toured Europe, visiting, among others, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.

In 1911, Maria made her debut in a silent movie, and then, after almost a ten-year break, left the scene and fully focused on the film career. Actress, by that time reached the age of forty, was filmed mainly on vtorostepennyhrolyah getting leading roles occasionally.

In the era of silent films she has appeared in over 80 films. The most notable of them - "Peer Gynt" by Ibsen, "Maritstsa" Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau (1922), "joyless lane" Georg Pabst (1925). With the advent of sound film Maria continued to work: to play the role of age housekeepers, grandmothers, society ladies, and others.

Her career was cut short in 1933 due to the arrival of the Nazis to power. The actress, who had among their ancestors the Jews, deprived of all civil rights and the right to work. She settled in Berlin and lived very retired before November 23, 1943, he has not yet been arrested and deported to the Buchenwald concentration camp, where he died, like the thousands of other prisoners. The exact date of her death is unknown.