Maria Carmi

Picture of Maria Carmi

Date of Birth: 03/03/1880

Age: 77

Place of birth: Florence

Citizenship: Italy


The aspiring actress was born on March 3, 1880 in Florence. Her father was Italian, his mother - a native of Austria. As a child, Norina contracted tuberculosis and spent some time on treatment in Switzerland. Acting craft she studied in Germany at the Max Reinhardt drama school, after which took the pseudonym - Maria Carmi - and from 1907 to 1909 worked in his theater.


After Reinhardt invited to the role of Norina in Madonna`s production of "The Miracle" (the search for an actress for this role took about two years), her career stalabystrymi rapidly develop. Then Norina married to the author of the play, the playwright Charles Volmellera.

After the success of audience performances throughout Europe Reinhard decided to film the play, and thus in 1912 the actress made her debut in the movie. Two years later, she starred in the film adaptation of another of its performance under the name "Venetian Night", the author of the script which was also Volmeller and director - Reinhard. Actress acted quite successfully until the end of the 10-ies, mainly in comedies.

Marriage to Machabeli

PoslePervoy World War Maria Volmellerom divorced and married to the Georgian prince-immigrant Machabeli George, a former Russian ambassador to Italy. Together they founded a perfume company Prince Matchabelli and in 1926 released a perfume called Princess Norina (ie, Princess Norina). The bottle design in the shape of the crown Mary has developed personally. In 1933, the couple parted Machabeli and three years later the company was sold for 250 thousand dollars.

Meher Baba

In the 30`s Maria met Indian guru named MeherBaba and became an ardent supporter of his teachings. She actively promoted his ideas among his friends, in 1938, founded the periodical Meher Baba Journal, but in the early 40`s with Elizabeth Patterson Chaplin organized religious community Meher Spiritual Center, spread out on five hundred acres of pine forest on the Atlantic coast in Mirtl- Beach, South Carolina. There she died on June 15, 1957 at the age of seventy-seven. Ashes Mary was buried near the tomb of Meher Baba in the city of Ahmednagar in India.