Maria Bortnik (sergeeva)

Picture of Maria Bortnik (sergeeva)

Date of birth: 18.05.1981

Age: 35

Birthplace: Perm

Citizenship: Russia

lover of motorcycles


Maria Bortnik (Sergeeva) graduated in 2003 WTU them. BV Shchukin (course RY Ovchinnikov). In the same year she was admitted to the Theatre. MN Yermolova. At this price it is busy in the performances: "We are not alone, my dear" (Joanna Markham), "An Evening of Comedy" (It), "Strange Book of Love" (Eleanor), "Cheaters" (Lin), "Slave of his beloved" ( Ines) and others.

Besides Maria Bortnik plays the role of Susan in the play "Theatre Marathon" Project "Triumph Commissioner Oliver."


In the movie, Maria Bortnik debuted as a student. Aspiring actress starred in the TV series "Lily Silver" (episode), "Hicks" (Anna), "Code of Honor 1" (Olga), "Major role" (episode). After graduating from the Shchukin School Maria continued to appear in the next part of action-series "Code of Honor".

Wide fame came to the actress with access to top-rated television screens of the series "Margot", in which she played the role of Chief of the fashion department Galina Lyubimov. Maria Bortnik managed to create a very life of a woman, endowed with their own complexes. By nature of its heroine - a good man, and a home, to educate her children, but life decided otherwise: it is necessary to make a life for themselves, my father, you know ...

After such a successful project Maria Bortnik co-starred in the popular TV series "Country 03" (senior paramedic ambulance Galina) and "Closed School" (Lizhen Wolf, Wolf Ritter`s wife) Julia Kuznetsova played a therapist in the film "wake up together?".

TV and radio

In addition to working in film and theater Maria Bortnik is working with TV and radio. She has participated in radio shows "Radio Russia", "Invisible Man" and Zorin G. "One hundred miles down the river," A. Green, and led to the TVC channel transfer "about food."


With her husband, Sergei Bortnik met Maria in 1998. And in 2002, they were married. About his personal life the actress does not like to propagate. It is known that the husband of Mary to do with the movie is not imeet.Krome addition, Maria says that it was he instilled in her a love for motorcycles. And now it can often be seen on the bike show.


2000 Lily of the Valley Silver - series

2002 Hicks - series

2002 Code of Honor 1 - series

2002 Home role - series

2004 Lily of the valley silvery-2 - TV series

2004 Code of Honor 2 - series

2006 Code of Honor 3 - series

2007 Law & Order: Criminal Intent -2 - series

2009-2010 Margot - series

2010 Code of Honor 4 - TV series

2011 Stalin

2011 Code of Honor-5 - show

2012 Country 03 - series

2012 wake up together? - TV series

Closed School 2012 - series

2013 Vanka

2013 Brothers & Sisters

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