Maria Boltneva

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Date of Birth: 04/10/1983

Age: 33

Birthplace: Novosibirsk

Citizenship: Russia


The first time came on the scene, not even born. Mom played the role of the Snow Maiden, being seven months pregnant. Later, the smell of the scenes and theatrical maze of steel for her main home as little Mary all the time waiting for mom after the rehearsals and performances in the theater.

Maria grew unruly child and repeatedly raised the theater to its ears pampering for the parents received serious criticism from his superiors. Very fond of lyme grass and climb with friends boys throw at actors wrappers from chocolates.

However, the first appearance on the stage was held not in the "Red Torch", and in the Moscow theater Mayakovsky.

In 1987, Mary came to Moscow to the Pope. At the same time the girl got sick, involved in the play "The Lizard", and the theater urgently needed a baby that would not cancel the show. Since the five-year Masha became an actress.

Later, she has repeatedly appeared on the scene of the theater "Red Torch". For performances and rehearsals I had time off from school, but the teachers are not pripyatstvovali this, proud that their class is growing little actress.

No other profession besides acting, she was not interested. Immediately after graduation she became a student of the Novosibirsk Theatre Institute, and during the four years of study still appeared on the scene of the native "Red Torch", but not in children`s roles and adult ser

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