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Date of birth: 03.08.1987

Age: 29

Citizenship: Russia

With Bichevin woman I still did not!

Author: Jan Gordeev

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Leonid Bichevin - one of the brightest of a new generation of actors. 26-year-old handsome managed to play several high-profile roles in the high-end films and television series. It was opened by director Alexei Balabanov, taking off in his controversial paintings of "Cargo 200" and "Morphine". This was followed by work on the series. Last summer, the first channel showed just two big projects with the participation of Leni - "Group of happiness" and "last meeting". When viewers watched the spy adventures of the hero Bichevin on the screen, in real life he played a wedding with 24-year-old colleague at the Vakhtangov Theater Masha Berdinskikh (in the "Kremlin cadets" she played a girl Barnabas). Recently, the newlyweds honeymoon ended. On his impressions of a married woman Mary erdinskih spoke only of "Express newspaper."

Masha, your life is like a story Frosya Burlakova: come from the provinces to the capital, and is now working in one of the best theaters of Moscow, and even got married for the first handsome!

- As a child I did not even dream of acting. She lived in a village in the Kirov region, where all the work in the collective farm pigsty. She studied dance in Amateur. And in the ninth grade, one of my friends joked, "And if you do not do in the theater?" I decided, "Why not ?!" went with his mother in Moscow.

In reference to the Kursk railway station we were advised the cheapest hotel in Sviblovo which was a hostel. But even there it was incredibly expensive for us. Mom came home, and I`m on exams at the school met the girl who rented beds in the barracks next to the Theatre of the Russian Army. I move there. In one room, there lived 16 women, in the next - the same man who came to the capital to work.

It was terrible among migrant workers?

- Not at all - I had to steal something. Besides grandmother sewed my pants pocket, where I kept my modest savings. Received Pike, I began to study. Initially, teachers were struggling with my terrible accent. Some classmates because of me scoffed, mocked. I cried terribly and in these moments always thought of my mother and grandmother. They are something I never reproached no.

Make Offer on Masha

When did your love affair with Lenya Bichevin?

- Year and a half ago. Initially, there were as little children, shy each other. And then we decided to go together to the dance. I love Latin rhythms and with the company was often in "Aradero" club. There`s something we realized that we did not just sympathy. Before the wedding, which was played in the summer, do not leave.

How did your favorite sentence?

- Very romantic. This happened in Japan. Lenya once called me and pleased that he took a trip to the island of Hokkaido. There, in the small town of Ockham, we climbed the volcano. The ascent took a full day to four o`clock and three back. Then he went to the Mount Mary. There was a thick fog, drizzling rain and guides forbidden to climb. But we still went. We climb a long time, overcoming fear. And when he finally got up, Lenya asked me to become his wife.

Immediately I began to live together?

- Four months. Bichevin still persuaded him to move to a safe place on the Trade Union. Lenya lot is removed, it is - in demand actor can soon buy their homes.

You jealous Bichevin to his former lover - actress Agnes Kuznetsova?

- Actually, I`m jealous, but her husband does not give a reason. We love each other, are faithful, and everything else does not matter. Agnes with Lenya sometimes calls up: discuss creative issues advice. And personally, as far as I know, did not occur. I sincerely wish her happiness and good career.

In an interview, Agnes told me that climbed to Bichevin night on the tenth floor on the balcony. You are able to like - I love to please their loved ones, but not extreme. You can simply make a sweet: buy a gift, cook a delicious dinner. Of all these little things and develops.

The tears at the wedding

Tell me about your wedding.

Coping in my country - in the village Doronichi. "Rus" Rented dining room. People gathered 70. Lena`s relatives also came - he has a wonderful mother, from the theater guys were. The wedding we groom paid themselves even invited toastmaster. A fun walk, and my relatives burst into tears at the end. I have for them is still a little girl. However, and she did not feel that she married and became a grown woman. So far, for me, nothing has changed. I even decided not to change the name.

Where we went on a honeymoon?

- We spent a wonderful week in Italy. The husband is willing to buy me anything! But I stop, "Lenya, do not!" It`s nice when the flowers gives, but the machine diamonds - why? I`m not spoiled. For me the most important thing in a marriage - respect, trust, sensitivity.

How do you spend your free time?

- We can go dancing, and can sit for a long time at home watching movies. More on yoga we walk, studying English.

About the children think?

- Yes, but to put these dreams into reality in no hurry. It is difficult to decide on this step.

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