Maria Baeva

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Date of Birth: 09/03/1989

Age: 27

Citizenship: Russia

My role - conflict adolescents

Author: Anastasia Egorova

Website: Celebrities

20-year-old Maria Baeva was born in Moscow, in the family, far from the stage and film sets. But the creative vein is present in all members of her family. His father played the accordion, my sister sings in the ensemble, and Masha in the second grade went to learn the art of transformation in the Theatre of young Muscovites. Then she began to appear in "Jumble" and advertising, and to 15 years - in serious films.

Most often, she gets the role of adolescents in the midst of puberty: hard, conflict quite different from most of Masha, which by the nature of man is very calm.

- The "Wild" I played 14-year-old girl, even though I have 20 - smiling Masha. - Learn Darling bad friends with boys. That she punk, the Goth, in general, continuous informal. Of course, in some ways, and femininity is manifested. Get out trying to wash the dishes. And take care of dad. When a parent becomes ill, darling vigorously begins to treat him, rubbing his back.

Sometimes Lifanovmenya surprised by their unexpected tricks. One filmed the scene where Doucet was awarded the diploma at school. Standing outside the door Wild had to raise his thumb in approval. And the camera is on, Igor came up to me and suddenly said: "Mash, can I go to smoke and I will not stand here?"

I had never starred in the detective series, I had to learn to fight. Stunt coordinator showed how to swing your fists to make it look natural. Girl on the script to be Dad`s hardening, and because I myself do not like that.

How to spend the fees?

- In general, to study, I paid department in the last year of the Slavic Institute. Helping parents. I dream of going to Paris, with a cup of coffee in a cafe kruassanchikom starring "Amelie".

How do you imagine your future?

- It is difficult to talk about it. After all, we - the whole stream. I would like to work in the theater. But without a movie I can not imagine.

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