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Date of birth: 09.01.1980

Age: 36

Place of birth: Salavat

Citizenship: Russia


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From makeup to actress

Margot Archibasova born January 9, 1980 in Bashkortostan, in the city of Salavat. After 9th grade girl was admitted to the College on Salavat industrial lawyer accountant.

Later Archibasova Margot moved to Moscow, where he graduated from high school, make-up artists artists. In 2002, working make-up artist on the set of the drama Natalia Pyankova "March Slav", Margot received a proposal to play a small role in it Rity.Etot event was a turning point in her life.

Year went to the training, and then Margo Archibasova successfully passed the entrance exams at the same time two of the university - the Film Institute and RATA. Choosing RATA, the girl got into the workshop of the national artist of Russia Alexander Porohovschikova. During the period of study Margo played with the performances set the stage RATA: "Don Juan comes to war" (artist-prikladnitsa), "Love Mockingbird" (Lika Mizinova), "Five Evenings" (Tamara), "Desire Under the Elms" (Abbey) "Love and pigeons" (Raisa Zakharovna).

Film and Theatre

RATA Margot Archibasova graduated in 2007. By this time, she could play the role of a prostitute ffs in the famous TV series "Cursed paradise". Then had small roles in the films. "Web", "Bloody Mary," "Mona Lisa on the pavement", etc. In 2010, the screens released comedy Igor Korobeinikova "STEP STEP buy", where the actress Anfisa sygralarol Romanova.

Since 2009 is an actress Margot Archibasova Pskov Academic Drama Theater. Pushkin.


2002 March Slav

2005-2009 Kulagin and partners - series

2006-2007 Cursed Paradise - series

2007 Web

2007 Bloody Mary

2007 Mona Lisa on the pavement

2008 Romance quirks

2008 Zolushka.ru (Ukraine)

2010 I I

2010 STEP STEP buy

2010 If our fate

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