Marcus Terentius Varro

Picture of Marcus Terentius Varro


Varro, Marcus Terentius (Marcus Terentius Varro) (116-27 BC), a Roman scholar and lexicographer, a connoisseur of antiquities. He was born in Reate (modern. Rieti, 70 km north-east of Rome), he studied in Rome and Athens. He served in Spain in 76 BC under the command of Pompey in 67 BC I helped him in the fight against piracy. In the civil war Varro took the side of Pompey, but was pardoned by Caesar, who even appointed him as the keeper of the library and returned his property, the selected Mark Antony. In 43 BC Anthony made a name Varro, Cicero was friends with, in proscription lists, but friends managed to rescue him. Varro rest of his life dedicated to science.

There are 74 titles of works of Varro, constituting a total of 620 books. Varro studied logic, language, poetry, history, law and geography. The most significant of the lost works of Varro were apparently the work of divine and human antiquity (Antiquitates rerum humanarum et divinarum) in 41 books and Portraits (Imagines) in 15 books containing biographies of famous Greeks and Romans, as well as 700 portraits, illustrated texts . In complete safety extant treatise on agriculture (De re rustica) in three books. Of the 25 books of essays about Latin (De lingua latina) survived 6 (in full - 2). In addition, we have numerous (more than 600) fragments Menippean satire (Saturae Menippeae) 150 books representing a melange of poetry and prose.