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Date of Birth: 10/30/1959

Age: 57

Nationality: Netherlands

key to success - successful investment

By education Marseille - certified auditor; real fame, however, brought him successful investment. In 1994, Marcel founded the investment group `Ramphastos Investments`; over the next few years, he has held several highly successful transactions for the sale and purchase of various companies.

Among the most successful projects Boekhoorna note sales network `Bakker Bart`, sold to the German group` Kamps AG`; Group on Trade paint in spray cans `Moti Dupli`; fixed communication operator `Novaxess`; and specializing in the Flight Simulator team `SIM Industries`.

The most successful operation to date of Marseilles was the purchase of the Dutch mobile operator `Telfort`. Boekhoorn bought the company for 300 million euros and 9 months later, it successfully sold the company `KPN` of 1.2 billion. To achieve such an impressive income was not easy, but a series of vigorous operations to increase revenue will eventually bring the desired effect.

Currently Boekhoor cooperating with the Dutch newspaper `De Telegraaf`, the German biometric group `Voicetrust`, network broker `zecco.com`, mobile lottery `Openlot`, two software companies and even a whole series of different companies. Among other things, Boekhoorn invests in Dutch football club `NEC Nijmegen`. This is a list of them sponsored sports is not limited to - not least on the money Marcel racing series `GP2 Series` appears his son, Guido van der Garde (Giedo van der Garde).

Boekhoorn sits on the board of trustees of the German company `Implantate AG`, manages its own zoo - `Ouwehands Dierenpark` - and even managed to become a producer of the film; family film `Zoop in Africa` - loosely based on the TV series - was released in 2005 and has managed to acquire a couple of sequels.

In operation Boekhoorn resorted to consulting a number of well-known businessmen - like former CEO supermarkets `Ahold` Kees van der Hufena (Cees van der Hoeven).

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