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Citizenship: United States

first thing Marat

First - it is Charles Rose, who was a federal prosecutor, and then turned into a lawyer, though he stayed in this field for long: a handsome, black-haired Rose died a few years ago from a tumor of the brain. It greatly helped me during the process of Ivankov.

The second name - Harold Bibb, an investigator of the US Secret Service. When Marat was on the run, Bibb looking for him all over the world, and then testified November 5, 1992 when Balagula pass judgment on its first petrol business.

On that day, Long Island Judge Leonard Wexler, who spoke to me in the late 1990s that has passed through more than fifty gasoline Affairs, Marat was sentenced to 10 years in prison. So much for gasoline did not get none of the "Russian". Dedicated Balagula head of the "Red Mafia" Robert Friedman in part based on these readings Bibb, although the author has given his own will and imagination.

Finally, as Sam Reiser last time Balagula mention outlandish fleet Robert Fasano, who gave him the testimony in the case of debit cards Merrill Lynch.

At that time, Fasano went to the luxury car Excalibur Roadster, made in the early 1980s, but it is very similar to the Mercedes-Sportwagen 500/540 1937-1938.

How to describe this model online avtomarket.ru, "long hood of the engine compartment decorated with nickel-plated tailpipes They are, however, false In the old days with them tried to improve the purge cylinders huge 8-liter engines on the replicator -... Modern engine, and the need in these pipes has disappeared, but it is a pity to remove such a thing. "

He had to be an idiot to ride on the case for a memorable and rare car (they produced only 3500 pieces).

I perfectly remember them when they were driving down the street, all staring after them. They were made in Milwaukee until 1989, but demand has fallen, it stopped. "Excalibur", however, you can buy now, if you search.

story Balagula

- One Italian Fasano, constantly repairing the car on my HPP-steyshene (gas station) - began Balagula. - He had gde-to three or four cars of the old style: she looks old, but in a new engine, it`s all new, new designer, but the old mind. Gde-to 79, he came to me and said: "Marat, you give me to repair the car, I have a credit card, can I have you to break it?". I say: "I do not care if it epruvayut (will), I`ll do it."

Then I have not seen him about three or four years. One day I drove up to his office. With me was Benjamin. Nayfeld.

- Who do you have it?

- By anyone! He just stood there talking with me near the office. Not Boris, and his brother, Venia. Suitable us Fasano. "Oh, Marat, hello, hello, how are you?". I say: "Everything is fine." He says: "I see that you`ve grown, you`ve got more than one HPP Station ..." - in a tone of the conversation is. Then he said to me: "Listen, I have a good credit card, we can make money, can make somewhere 200-300 thousand money." I say: "You know, Fasano, I do not do this business - it can confirm Venia! It can all confirm! - I do not do this thing, it does not interest me perfectly." Venia he said: "Listen, Marat is not interested, and I am interested Do you want to go, I know people in the stores, we`ll go.". I did not pay attention to it, turned and left. And they were talking.

Passes gde-to six months. He calls me: "Marat, I want to see you." This Italian. I say. "Well Where?" - "Meet me in the Mill Basin near the hydroelectric power station Station". I come to this HPP Station, he said: "Listen, do you remember me you introduced to this guy Benjamin?" ( "I introduced me to this guy, Benjamin"). I say: "Yes, what is problem?" ( "Yes, what`s the problem?") - "Yeah, we make with him business, he owes me three thousand dollars. Not not pay me" ( "We were cranked one business, he owes me three thousand dollars. he did not pay ") - I tell:" Listen, he not work for me, I don "t know where he now, I call him I find what is this" (I say: "Look, I have it does not work. I do not know where he is now, I`ll call him and find out what was going on".) That is completely the whole conversation.

It turns out, was caught in New Jersey and became a government witness (prosecution witness). But the (Charles) Rose, it was his prosekyutor (Attorney), and he tells him: "Look, with whom you have dealt business?" - He says: "I have been dealing with Russian," - "And you know this, Marat?" - "Yes, it`s my best friend!" - "And he had something?" - "Yes, he`s introduced me to this Venya, and I think he`s the boss, he is the boss of the Russian mafia, and it deals with all these matters."

Here is the conversation I told you, this is exactly how the film on the entire conversation. Fasano wrote it. Then he called me into the car: "Well, have you seen this Venu You see this guy??" I told: "Yes, I see ... I tell him he pay you" ( "I`ll tell him to pay you"). All of them. That is all that I had associated with credit cards.

In the shops people do not even know me, did not see me, they do not even know who I am. All the shops, where they went, I do not even know who they went and what they go!

- What it was on the court?

- Only the indications of the Italian. Here`s the tape (film), and the fact that the Italian said. Two conversation. And the photos when I was steyshene, FBI photographed me with him. All! No more talking. Just I am telling you this because I have memorized by heart.

Farther. My Lauer comes to Fasano home and said to him: "Why are you so Framed Marat?" - "Yes, I know that he had nothing to do but prosekyutor told me that if I did not give him Marat, I will be 20 years old if Marat ladies, I`m going home And what is my way out..?" If Lauer`s all written down, but he did not record it all. All this is completed it. I go on the court. I even in the brain was not, what can I lose this court!

My Lauer writes motion (petition) to the judge. Very good, by the way, Judge. The referee was my Lauer. Just me Lauer was shit. The judge was protecting me. When Lauer wrote a motion to the judge, the judge replies: "New trial" (new trial). All I pleased. New trial, then everything starts again, I believe the judge! It takes three months: The referee changes his mind! He says: "No new trial". Why? Someone started to put pressure on the judge over from Washington.

- And who can put pressure on the judge?

- I do not know ... I know who! There was a Secret Service (Secret Service), (Harold) Bibb such. His father - a very close-in Washington, in my opinion, he jurge. I have been there investigation (here: the detective) checking, in my opinion, he`s a big jurge there.

- In the sense of the judge? (Judge)

- Judge, yes ... It is purely government mafia (mafia government), you do not even know what they have done against me from all sides! From all sides!

- What do you think, what they guided?

- Because Fasano began to say that the mafia. On all sides just began precisely on the Russian policy, they needed Russian. Russian first were zuktorami.

- Who did not?

- Well, zuktorami. This is how to explain? ..

- Snitch?

- Snitch, yes. Now, there were a lot of murders. Of course, my fault that I started to make money, I began to live well ...

- What make?

- For gasoline.

- Just pumping gasoline or ...?

- No, I`ve worked all very legal, formal ... Maybe there`s something in my wine in gasoline. There is some wine. But my guilt is not more than 3 years to serve. But not 24 and a half years!

However, we have deviated from the topic.

Trip to "Excalibur"

It appears from court documents, in late December 1984 - early January 1985 27-year-old company employee of Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Linda Chipman, who had access to its databases, stole about two dozen customers, including their the names, the numbers of their debit Visa cards, the amount that they can spend, and card expiration date period.

Chipman then sold the data petty criminals - 27-year-old Otis Rogers and 26-year-old Jeffrey Martzelu $ 100 per set. They, in turn resell them Fasano $ 300.

Further events are the first journalist Daniel Boorstin described in detail in "New York" on November 24, 1986. By purchasing 26 sets, Fasano contacted Balagula. "I turned to my friend, whose name was Marat", - he showed later in court in Philadelphia. In this article, the first time it was mentioned that Balagula called in Brooklyn "big man" ( "Big Man"), or Georgian. I have not heard it, but the "big man" wanders since on newspaper pages, like a fable that Marat was an island off the African coast and a fleet of supertankers.

"Yes, even the barge I was not!" - Marat told me.

Fasano said he had heard that now Balagula "very good business is," and hoped "that he will take me to kakie-to shops that can take the credit cards." Strictly speaking, credit cards were not, although they would ideally fit into the specialization Balagula who told me that the subject of his doctoral dissertation in Odessa was a "socialist credit". Fazanovskie debit cards have been, that is, their owner could spend only the amount that he had shares and other securities to Merrill Lynch. Often it was the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to Boorstin, February 19, 1985 Fasano came to Balagula in one of his Brooklyn office, which belonged to his company Grand Caravan, and asked him to relate to the shops, who will accept his "white plastic". These are rectangles of plastic (not necessarily white), in which a scammer ottiskivaet using a special device credit card numbers, names of their owners, and other information available on the usual credit cards.

But because they do not really look like a swindler needs accomplices in stores. The item remains in the shop, but rolls her card, then get money from the credit card company and shares with the other members of the scam. When a company discovers that the legitimate owner of the card did not buy anything in the store swear that looked like a real card.

According to Boorstin, at nine in the morning the next day returned to the office Fasano Balagula, where he presented his 32-year-old Benjamin Nayfeld and 33-year-old Ilya Chisinau (Alex) Zeltser, who knew her as a Zelyu.

In February next year Zeltser shoot of "Uzi" Vladimir Reznikov, who also hurt his finger in another Nayfeld - Boris - in the room of a gasoline company Platenum Energy on Avenue U.

So Seltzer avoid trial for Merrill Lynch maps.

We agreed that would be taken Nayfeld and Seltzer Fasano in Russian shops, whose owners agree to participate in the scam. Share profits agreed on the principle of "50 - shop and 50 - we" - later revealed Fasano. After that, Fasano, Nayfeld Seltzer and went to a furniture shop Venezia Furniture on King`s Highway, which belonged to Boris and Alexander Rosenbaum darling.

Those went to meet them and "sell" scams furniture for 12 thousand dollars. Fasano called and called the telephone operator of the banking card number of 13 digits. Card quickly "epruvali". Fasano testified in court that the whole operation took half an hour.

Rolled them a card and Dmitry Drozdov, the owner of a furniture store Veronica Furniture on Surf Avenue.

From Brooklyn Fasano and his new Russian friends have sent their foot in Philadelphia, where they complain to his "Excalibur". Boorstin writes, citing a recorded conversation, then uttered Balagula Fasano: "Uou pull stupid, everybody see you go". In Philadelphia, the plotters visited a fur shop with touching the name Misha of Siberia Furs, owned by 47-year-old Michael Umansky, and purchased on the card lime coat for seven and a half thousand.

Half an hour later the Siberian Misha took them to a jewelry store Askari Jewelers, whose owners - 25-year-old Nathan Abadifarahani Kourosh Asgari and 27-year-old Alan Weisberg (aka Alan Burke) - "sold" in New York offers a fraction of the goods.

The day ended in a Russian restaurant.

In Philadelphia, fraudsters have also used the services of a jewelry store Gene Jewelers, Inc. (30-year-old Eugene Zinshtein and 33-year-old Andrew Feldman. 14 years later, the name Zinshtein would mention Alexander Spichenko FBI in their testimony).

And so it went, until the phase is not taken to New Jersey in another case, and my late benefactor, Charlie Rose is not "signed" his cooperation. Fasano pinned on tape, hardly found in July 1985 Balagula which was wound from office to office, and recorded with him two conversations: one at the gas station, and the other on the phone. According to Boorstin, Fasano squeezed out of Marat "vague comments about fraud with credit cards"

Federal authorities discovered two things at once - in New York and Philadelphia. Venia Nayfeld wisely pleaded guilty and received 3 years. Rogers was given 5 years probation. Umansky and Weisberg got 4 years in prison and had to pay a fine of 60 thousand dollars.

In 1986, the Philadelphia jury found Balagula guilty on charges of "white plastic", and it is, than to wait for the verdict, escaped from the United States abroad, where colleagues, as shown by the investigator Bibb monthly expelled him by hand of 50 thousand dollars in cash.

Marat took in Frankfurt for two and a half years later and issued in the US. He received seven years in Philadelphia and year - in New York, where he pleaded guilty in the case of credit cards. As he sat on it deepened gasoline clouds. Now they finally dispersed.

He was arrested on the first day of Rosh Ashany and released on the eve of Yom Kippur.