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Year of birth : 2004

Age: 11 years

Place of Birth : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship : United States

Math rock for beginners

`Maps & Atlases` - American indie rock band, originating in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois), in the year 2004. Despite the fact that recently the `Maps & Atlases` gained notoriety in the wake of the booming indie rock, their work reveals a complex sound, rotating between alternative rock, indie and math rock.

On the indie rock scene of `Maps & Atlases` take pride of place, but - on the edge : they are popular, loved by the fans ,touring the world in search of new emotions and inspiration, but their music is so different from the bulk of the indie rock group that is sometimes difficult to carry out even the most strained relations. Sound, for which three equally influenced style sebyasintez represents these elements, which is charged with energy,but nevertheless it does not lose its complex rhythmic structure inherited from the mathematical rock and charismatic vocals - Heritage indie rock. This year marks its tenth anniversary on the American scene, the musicians presented seven albums, gave a huge number of performances - both solo ,EC so other musicians - and gained a love of fans around the world.

Group `Maps & Atlases` was founded by friends from school at Columbia College of Art in th 2004 in Chicago (Columbia College Chicago): Dada Shiraz (Shiraz Dada), Chris Heynli (Chris Hainey), Dave Davidson (Dave Davison) and Erin Elders (Erin Elders).All four interesoalis music and were fans of bands such as `Don Caballero` and ` Hella`, sound elements which, incidentally, is easy to discern in the early works `Maps & Atlases`. The first songs of the group went on a mini - album `Bird Barnyard`, which was released unofficially in 2005, the year.Around this time the band recorded a joint album with the band `The Antenora` from Chicago, but, according to the musicians, the songs included on this album, so important to them that they prefer not to play them during live performances. During the first year the band teamed up with a number of local groups and gave a series of concerts in the surrounding states, but the taste of glory for the first time, they felt only in 2005, the year after the release of `Tree, Swallow

, Houses`, their official mini- album, which was opened by the audience the unique sound of the group ,combining sophisticated technical elements of mathematical and friendly rock vocals worthy of any indie rock band. Within two years, the band toured the country, having in the meantime double album reissue on vinyl ; then the label `Frictionecords` released an exclusive limited reissue of the work ,which quickly sold out fans.

In 2006, the band signed a contract with `Sargent House`, label, who for several years with a group completely changed its policy and began working with a number of young performers. At the same time `Maps & Atlases` began to give concerts on local radio stations and independent TV channels.

It is interesting that, unlike the other groups, who prefer to save material for the release of studio album, participants `Maps & Atlases` always satisfied with the mini - albums, which are often produced and, oddly enough ,each time successfully. In 2008, the group presented `You and Me and the

Mountain`, and just a few months fell into hits ` 50 Bands, 50 States` from ` The Boston Phoenix`, presenting him the honor of his native Illinois and, of course, Chicago.

The first studio album was released in 2009, the year - `Perch Patchwork`.The album was popular among fans, and also drew attention to a group of foreign critics who kraynepolozhitelno commended their work. After another mini- album, the band released the second studio album - `Beware & Be Grateful`, - came to the attention of major American music publications. To date, the band continued to tour and work on new material. Some of them are also engaged in solo and side projects

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