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Birthday : 1/10/1972, the

Age: 43 year

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New Yorkers Manhattan Transfer rolled into show business in the 70s nostalgia wave. Relying on the classic boogie -woogie and bebop ,they gave them a second life was full of lightning, virtuoso vocalize. The creative asset quartet several albums of jazz standards and a lot of material, close to rhythm and blues and pop to jazz.

New Yorkers Manhattan Transfer rolled into show business in the 70s nostalgia wave. Relying on the classic boogie -woogie and bebop ,they gave them a second life was full of lightning, virtuoso vocalize. The creative asset quartet several albums of jazz standards and a lot of material, close to rhythm and blues and pop to jazz. Light commercial shade records, temperament and mastery of the quartet ,exquisite vocal harmonies made them one of the most popular jazz vocal groups in the 70s and 80s. In any case, from the time of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, shone in the early `60s, the brighter performers in this genre appeared.

More than thirty years have passed since Tim Hauser (Tim Hauser) tried his luck as a sales agent ,at the same time earning a taxi driver in New York and hoping to create their own vocal group. One fancies he is not limited, and one day his dream almost came true. In 1969, Tim became a member of the pop group hippie slant Manhattan Transfer. Most of this team reminded maloprimechatelnaya notorious Lovin` Spoonful.The first incarnation of the band included, except Hozer, four other musicians - Erin Dickins (Erin Dickins), Marty Nelson (Marty Nelson) and Pat Rosalia (Pat Rosalia), led by frontman Gene Pistilli (Gene Pistilli).The first and last album "Jukin`" group is a kind of satirical and stylistic collage (diversity of styles will be one of the through- accept all future creativity Manhattan Transfer), a hopeless commercially. They sounded like a typical artist of his time, covered by a fever hippies. Shortly after the release of the fate of the team ceased to excite the participants. All but Tim Hauser.

Second Wind project was completely unexpected. One night in a taxi to Tim Hozer hooked already known by the time the singer Laurel Masse (Laurel Masse), which, as it turned out ,I was familiar with the first studio attempt to Manhattan Transfer. And a couple of weeks Hozer on some party met with Janis Siegel (Janis Siegel). He managed to charm both vocalists and persuaded them to join his emerging group. Siegel for this had to leave his folk command Laurel Canyon, as, I think,she did not have to regret. The fourth singer turned Alan Paul (Alan Paul). Although his irresistibly attracted Broadway and the stage he had already lighted in the original production of "Grease", familiarity with the masses, Siegel and Hauser was the rather strong argument to be closing link restored Manhattan Transfer.The official birthday vocal quartet is considered to be 1 October 1972. From the very first steps on the stage band enjoyed great attention and respect among fans of vocal jazz. Expressive Manhattan Transfer show in New York clubs "Reno Sweeny" and "Kansas City" gave birth to the first wave of fanaticism,clearly threatens to escalate into a cult.

Nearly three years, the quartet took to prepare their debut album. Time has gone on record favor. The published record "Manhattan Transfer" in 1975 (# 33 in the US pop charts) , warmly adopted by the commune of jazz in America and Europe, clearly declared the birth of new stars. Tool support vocalists in the studio carried out numerous jazz musicians, including Zoot Sims (Zoot Sims), Randy Brecker (Randy Brecker), John Feddis (Jon Faddis) and Mel Davis (Mel Davis). Presented on the album vocal cover version of "Java Jive" and "Tuxedo Junction", as well as the aggressive gospel hit "Operator",Mark on line 22 of the American rankings, marked a return to the big stage Vocalises genre, is in a half-asleep mid-60s.

The next two albums, "Coming Out" and "Pastiche" (both came out in 1976) , minimize the elements of pure jazz, focusing on the most popular versions of songs from the repertoire of many different artists and bands. In the UK releases furor. The ballad "Chanson d`Amour" (from the LP "Coming Out") won the British singles chart. 1978 live album, the "Manhattan Transfer Live" did not leave any doubt as to the international popularity of the quartet.

In 1979, Laurel Masse prefer to do their own careers. Perfect replacement for her was the new singer Cheryl Bentayn (Cheryl Bentyne), aspiring actress and singer from Washington. She quickly settled into the team, and in the same 79th year has already recorded with them "Extensions" new album. The album, produced by Jay Graydon (Jay Graydon), included the first real pop hit Manhattan Transfer -"Twilight Zone / Twilight Tone". We wrote this song (finalist of American Top 30) Jay Graydon & Alan Paul. Fresh version of the song "Birdland", appeared a few years earlier in the repertoire of Weather Report, is still the hallmark of MT, the most popular song in their discography. "Birdland",one of the most performed jazz records of 1980, the quartet earned their first victory at the Grammy ceremony - in the category " Best Jazz Vocal Performance ".

Over 80s group to test the waters in nearly all American song genres. of LongPlay 1981 "Mecca for Moderns" presented an interesting version of Charlie Parker`s track (Charlie Parker) "Confirmation", and also a kind of instrumental tribute to Franz Kafka "Kafka". There was on this record and the first in the history of American Top 10 Finalist - cover songs Ad Libs 1965 "The Boy from New York City",featured in many charts. The album, produced by the same Jay Graydon, rose to the position 6 of the jazz charts and 22 string pop rankings - remarkable for a jazz band distribution of votes.

Doubly notable because Manhattan Transfer made in -kind pioneers. None of the jazz band could not previously won two Grammy awards in both pop and jazz categories. A MT in 1981 set a precedent, received the award for best performance of a jazz band with vocal (song "Until I Met You (Corner Pocket)") and for the best performance of pop group with vocals (track "The Boy from New York City"). A year later, they went back to the ceremony, the winners, taking the award for best jazz vocal performance (the new version of the classic "Route 66" compositions) .

Although Manhattan Transfer sought honed and easy sound of their records, which would not hamper their perception by the public ,most of their work was familiar only advanced audience. Vocal harmony quartet could only admire, to find fault with producing was almost impossible. Still, the average listener found himself unable to digest the entire array is so diverse and so intensely prepodnosimye material.The professional level of the participants remained consistently brilliant and in 1983 brought the team another Grammy Award for best jazz vocalists for the track "Why Not!". The song was presented at Long plee "Bodies and Souls" (1983), which is almost two years did not leave the rating of the Billboard 200, as well as rhythm and blues, jazz and soul-charts (top ten ranking Top Jazz Albums). The producer of "Bodies and Souls" gave Rudolf Dick (Dick Rudolph).

But to produce the next studio album risked the very Tim Hauser. And he brought the quartet to an unprecedented level - both creative and commercial. Disc 1985 "Vocalese" was conceived as a tribute to the great jazzvocalist Jon Hendricks (Jon Hendricks). The album`s title refers to a style of music that was born from the blending of words to previously recorded jazz instrumental. All texts are written for the album Hendrix acknowledged master of the genre. Permanent backing band that included guitarist Wayne Johnson (Wayne Johnson),and Count Basie Orchestra (Count Basie), tenor James Moody (James Moody), viola player Richie Cole (Richie Cole) and other great musicians helped New Yorkers to give a second life to jazz melodies, the prime of their fantastic vocal harmonies.

The critics unanimously called "Vocalese" artistic triumph. And Tim Hauser, Janis Siegel ,Alan Paul and Cheryl Bentayn experienced another triumph at the Grammy ceremony. Begin to celebrate the victory could be two months earlier, as soon as the announced list of candidates for the award. "Vocalese" was nominated once in 12 (!) Categories, second only to Michael Jackson with his all time blockbuster "Thriller" on the number of nominations.At the ceremony Quartet applauded twice. They were among the best vocal jazz bands and the best vocal arrangers (Party Bentayn Cheryl and Bobby McFerrin (Bobby McFerrin) in the track "Another Night in Tunisia"). Music fans also did not stand aside and guaranteed "Vocalese" 2 line in the jazz charts.His educational effect can have both defeat and explicit luck. From the success of his triumphant album Manhattan Transfer made constructive conclusions. Maybe following their record and did not reach the same gorgeous effect, but they really benefited from the reduction of the whole array of ideas bubbling to one clear concept. At least,students were not offended. Long Play 1987 "Brasil" c brilliantly demonstrated the potential of musicians within the traditional Brazilian music. Grammy in the category " Best performance of pop group with vocals " - a worthy reward for their efforts.

Since the late 80th replenishment of discography Manhattan Transfer takes place not as active as before. Only 4 years later, in 1991, the quartet published LP "The Offbeat of Avenues". Another attempt producer Tim Hauser - statuette and another Grammy for "Sassy" track. Musicians can be proud of doubly. Lyrics belonged to Janis Siegel and Cheryl Bentayn and music Siegel wrote with Bill Bodine (Bill Bodine). It is worth noting,Janice Shigeo long time and very successfully engaged and writing his own compositions and arrangements of the new material. This helped her to work on his solo debut "Short Stories and Slow Hot Wind", to which she attracted pianist Fred Hersch (Fred Hersch).Review of the creative heritage of the team for 20 years, prepared in 1992 by the label Rhino Records, issuing compilation on two CDs "The Manhattan Transfer Anthology: Down in Birdland". That same year, the band was offered a special Christmas gift to his fans - "The Christmas Album".And after two years the quartet debuted with a children`s plate "The Manhattan Transfer Meets Tubby the Tuba" (1994), which is recorded with the Orchestra of Naples Philharmonic. The language of music team told about the adventures of a character named Tubby the Tuba, which of all the wind instruments was able to extract only the low notes. Getting in different situations, Tubby mastered the tools and seizes the whole gamut of sounds.

The field of vocal activity in their next record, "Tonin`" (1995), the band chose the rhythm and blues 60s. Sound trusted producer Arif Mardin (Arif Mardin),who offered to bring to the studio sessions quite indiscreet list of artists : Phil Collins (Phil Collins), Bette Midler (Bette Midler), Ben King (Ben E. King), Ruth Brown (Ruth Brown), Knight of Felix (Felix Cavaliere; Rascals), Chuck Hahn (Chaka Kahn), BB King (BB King), James Taylor (James Taylor) and others.

Album 1997 "Swing",produced by Tim Hauser, good faith plunged into the swing element 30s. Trying to preserve the special atmosphere of the original recordings, the musicians offer a new version of "King Porter Stomp" Benny Goodman (Benny Goodman), "Moten`s Swing" Benny Motena (Bennie Moten), "I Know Why" Glenn Miller (Glenn Miller),"Skyliner" Charlie Barnet (Sharlie Barnet). The inspired interpretations of classic standards brought in leaders of the jazz record ratings. Three years later, the quartet attention entirely cleared by Louis Armstrong (Louis Armstrong). A tribute to the great jazzman became Long-play 2000 "The Spirit Of St. Louis".He easily climbed into the top three most popular jazz albums.

Manhattan Transfer, as well as thirty years ago, remain very attractive concert team, which is always something to surprise jazz fans. According to the materials of concerts in support of the last two releases of the quartet produced the live album "Couldn`t Be Hotter" (2003). This is only the third live album of thirty-year career Manhattan Transfer. The recording of the year 2000 in Tokyo demonstrates the continued refinement of harmonies and an enviable temperament and the singers themselves and their backing band, which includes high quality professionals - trumpeter Lew Soloff (Lew Soloff),guitarist Wayne Johnson (Wayne Johnson), and even 88 -year-old pianist Yaron Gershovski (Yaron Gershovsky).

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