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Place of birth: New York, USA

Citizenship: United States


Man 2 Man (also known as `Man to Man`) - American Hi- Energy Group of New York (New York City),which appeared on the music scene in the early 80 - ies of the last century.Oni famous by hits `Male Stripper`,` Energy is Eurobeat` and `I Need A Man`.

Musical duo comprised of brothers Mikey (Miki Zone) and Paul Zounov (Paul Zone) from Brooklyn (Brooklyn),which enjoyed a certain reputation in the local music circles around the mid 70s.

Paul at that time was a member of a group called `The Fast`, known for such songs as` Boys Will Be Boys`. The group has achieved some attention from the national press after their second album,which was made by producer Ric Ocasek (Ric Ocasek) from `The Cars`.

After `The Fast` brothers spent the first half of the 80s, performing and recording Hi- Energy and disco for several music producers, among whom was Bobby Orlando (Bobby Orlando),he led the writing of such hits as `Native Love` Devine (Divine) and` Passion` New York female trio `The Flirts`.

Shortly thereafter, the brothers organized a new group, originally known as `Man`s Favourite Sports`. However, it appeared that the other musical group already has rights to the name,so the brothers decided to act Zoun called `Man 2 Man`.

Under this name, the band released their biggest hit, `Male Stripper`, joined forces with the iconic American composer, songwriter and producer in the style of electro Maine Parrish (Man Parrish). At first single `Male Stripper` released in the UK (United Kingdom) in 1986on the label `Bolts Records` and throughout the autumn was very popular in the clubs, reaching the 64th position in the UK charts. In early 1987 ,` Male Stripper` again marked in the UK charts, and this time the energetic composition became an even bigger hit, spending five weeks in the top ten singles and two weeks in the 4th position. Alas,one of the band members Mikey Zoun, has not had time to enjoy the success, since December 31, 1986 he died of meningitis, caused by AIDS.

Due to the death of his brother Mikey Gender Zoun decided to rename the group `Man to Man` and recorded the next single. The recording was a cover version of the hit Grace Jones (Grace Jones) `I Need A Man`,which hit a 43 - th place in the British charts. Paul Zoun continued to record under this name throughout the `90s, working with such producers, Jacques Morali (Jacques Morali).

In 2008, iTunes released his single `I`ll Try Anything Once`, recorded with the participation of Debbie Harry (Debbie Harry) from` Blondie`.

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