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Before the future come together " mom " and " dad`s " in the early 60`s we were already in the vicinity of New York City in various folk bands.

John Phillips, who played in the "Journeymen", once met a charming blonde Michelle Gilliam. Throwing his family ,he married her, and together they tried to create a new folk project "New Journeymen". For complete they lacked a tenor. Then a sweet couple decided to lure to themselves Denny Doherty of "The Mugwumps", which by the way has been and Cass Elliot. Denny agreed to their proposal, but where would the team did not go to concerts ,everywhere he kept ringing his girlfriend Cassie. In the end, he still dragged her to his group, breaking the resistance of John, says that she misses the notes.

After some time, the quartet decided to make a vacation in California. Plenty ottyanuvshis there, the four returned to New York, where there was already quite cool. It was then that a memory of the good time spent with John was born the song "California dreaming". Text Phillips helped her write Michelle.

Mamas and papasVskore Cass had met with his old friend Barry McGuire, the time had time to release a hit single. Barry ,heard singing quartet musicians offered to arrange a meeting with izvestnymprodyuserom, Lou Adler. The very next day, Adler invited them to sign a contract, and after two days the staff got a light hand Cass renamed "Mamas and papas". Under this guise, and released their first single, the famous foursome ,, "California Dreamin`",immediately turned in the best of the American top ten. Immediately followed and the output of the first long play, "If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears", also enjoyed success. But with increasing success in the team began to sour relations. Denny began uhlestyvat for Michelle, what Cass is very angry, and John all remained as it were not in the business. It ended this whole thing that the guys swapped girlfriends. John was given is not very easy and it even wrote about this song "I Saw Her Again Last Night".

Meanwhile, the musicians only dabbled in drugs at first (especially LSD) , began to use them more and more often. By the time the second album Michelle and John officially divorced. Cass moved away from the rest of the team at his home, where ever suit all sorts of parties. John sat specifically on drugs, alcohol and Denny got carried away.

Mamas and papasMishl the beginning had an affair with another man ,what finally led his colleagues from themselves. Other members of the "Mamas and papas" decided to get rid of her and threw her out of the group took place on her girlfriend Jill Adler Gibson. However, take a ride with her about three months with concerts and Danny Cass insisted on returning to "Mamas and papas" Michelle. In April 67-of Cass I became a real mother and immerse themselves in their care. John, however, continued to consume drugs, while somehow managing to write songs. Whatever it was, he and Adler began preparations for participation in the festival in Monterey, who became the last performance of "Mamas and papas".

Shortly after this scandal broke and the first from the group dumped Cass. She recorded a solo album. The remaining members of the team also tried to work alone, but nothing good comes out of this, they did not. Only in 1971, the band came together again to record their latest studio album, "People Like Us", then "Mamas and papas" finally parted. John,Danny Michel and briefly re- united to give several concerts in honor of Cass Elliot, who died in 1974.

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