Mallika Sherawat

Picture of Mallika Sherawat

Date of Birth: 10/24/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: circle Rotaha

Citizenship: India


Born in companies Mallika District Harayana. At birth, it was called the Lamb of Rome, but she later changed her name to Mallika Sherawat, not to be confused with many other Rimami of Indian kinoproma. Name Mallika gave her the opportunity to feel like a goddess, and he took the name in honor of his mother. In general, the future actress was born from a fairly orthodox family, so much support families in their choice of profession it is not met. However, determined to walk the chosen path, she had enough; Mallika even managed to step over his father`s demands and go to Mumbai in order to make his dream come true.

Sherawat visited Home College Miranda (Miranda House College); she later graduated from Delhi University with a degree in Indian philosophy. After graduation she took a half-rate hostess and married Pilots Karan Singh; However, the marriage soon fell apart, for Mallika put in the head of the table in the first place his career, and look for a place in the world for her glamor were more important than ordinary household problems.

In twenty-one years Sherawat was able to get on the cover of an international magazine `Snoop`, and then - on the cover of the Indian version of` Kosmopolitan`; it was an unprecedented success, especially given the fact that as an actress Mallika herself at that time still did not show, and special connections in the fashion industry could not boast.

Sherawat made her debut on screen in the movie `Lak Tunoo` Surzhita Bindrahtii; soon after that, she got a real - albeit small - your role in the film `Live for Bagani menya` (` Jeena Sirf Mere Liye`). As an exercise, this picture has been quite useful; real fame came to the actress, however, for his role in the film `lyubvi` Anatomy (` Khwahish`) c Himanshu Malik; Sherawat has demonstrated the ability to give their heroines simply incredible sensuality. It was after this role, the actress began to enjoy a certain fame in Bollywood.

Following was a thriller Mahesh Bhatta Ubiystvo` `(` Murder`) directed by Basu Anurga. The film was based on the story of a single woman, winding, seemingly, an ordinary affair. painting success was just incredible; Mallika`s popularity has increased a hundredfold - the audience and the critics finally saw her in the presence of non-standard talent. Sherawat even nominated for `Zee Cine Awards` in the category `Best aktrisa`.

New Mallika work was the role in the comedy Govinda Menon `Kiss sudby` (` Kis Kiski Kismat`) c Darmendroy. After that, the actress had the opportunity to play with yourself Jackie Chan in his new film `Mif` (` Myth`); Sherawat has also taken part in an advertising campaign of the film at the Cannes Film Festival.

Mallika was often accused of lack of talent and the ability to show a beautiful figure. charges flow did not cease even after a lot of really successful actress roles.

The 2006th Sherawat played the title role in the film `The Other Side lyubvi` ( `Pyaar Ke Side Effects`) with Rahul Bose; the film has collected a good cashier at the box office and once again strengthened Mallika reputation as a rather multifaceted actress.

In 2007th the band released directorial debut Himesha Resham `You have good humor - This story lyubvi` (` Aap Ka Suroor - The Real Love Story`); Sherawat here, but without pleasures, took unusual for themselves the image of vamp.

Mallika has been recognized as one of the hundred most beautiful `aziatok` version of fashion magazine` Cover`.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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