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After participating in the project "The violators" and "Jade", lounging on a background of flourishing disco and new wave, guitarist Jay Reynolds went to Hawaii ,where a year jammed with local gangs. But once he got into the hands of the magazine with Rob Halford on the cover, and Jay I realized that it was time to do something serious. Reynolds flew to his native Portland and immediately joined the group "The ravers". With it, he has released one album, but immediately afterwards decided to organize its own heavy metal project ,who would play the music a la "Judas priest".

At the first rehearsal "Malice" in addition to Jay attended vocalist James Neil, guitarist Mick Zane, Kip Doran, and drummer Deen Castronovo. After a short time, Reynolds, Zane and Mike Tuttle (drums) went to seek his fortune in California. There`s a "Malice" was joined by bassguitarist Mark Ben and drummer Pete Laufmann and Tuttle as useless put out the door.

Once the band played their stuff a guy named Brian Sleydzhel, rulivshim while fanzine "The new heavy metal revue". Style team he liked, and he proposed to include a couple of tracks "Malice" in the compilation "Metal massacre I".The team recorded the desired composition, and Reynolds umotal a month in Europe. Upon returning to the United States Jay I found that songs from "Metal massacre" heard on some radio stations. Then he promised to get his colleagues two years major contract, and the band embarked on intensive rehearsals. Malice his team played the first concert in the spring of 1982, and warmed up "Malice" then unknown to anyone "Metallica". During the year, the musicians constantly cut demos, but only somewhere in the fifth attempt achieved the desired result. Their songs were leaked to the air, and the people became interested when "Judas priest" had to release a new album. In fact, everything was explained simply - Nile vocals strongly remind Halford, and guitar riffs sounded in the manner of popular British. The team began to receive offers from labels, but the guys do not hurry with the choice, and in the end (as promised Reynolds) waited for the contract from "Atlantic records". The papers were signed in 1984 ,and by that time, "Malice" was ready material for the debut album (in this case a hand Michael Wagener) .

Meanwhile, the group leadership insisted to record with a famous producer and propose candidates Ashley Howe, who previously worked with the "Queen" and "Uriah Heep".As a result, the solution of the issue dragged on the plate and the release took place only a year later. "In the beginning. .." has sold 100,000 copies, but due to the fact that the budget session has been exceeded, the label has cut funds for the tour, so the band made a brief sortie near his place of residence.MaliceZapis second album took place in the best conditions. Producer Max Norman skillfully organized the work, and "Malice" missed the allocated amount. In commercial terms "License to kill" had more success - the circulation drive in times higher than the debut, and in addition, the album hit the " billbordovskie " charts. At this time the group had the opportunity to conduct full-fledged tour and play with the "Motorhead", "Nazareth", "Saxon" and other prominent figures tyazhmeta. However, James Neal revealed uncontrollable craving for alcohol, and therefore the situation is tense in the team, and it all ended in the dismissal of the frontman. Following this, Reynolds ran in "Megadeth", and the group plunged into chaos. Despite the pouring reshuffle, some time "Malice" managed to stay afloat. In 1989, the team even released EP "Crazy in the night", made in the spirit of the "Scorpions". But in the end, Ben and Zane closed the project and organized a new band ,"Monster".

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