Malcolm Gladwell

Picture of Malcolm Gladwell

Date of Birth: 09/03/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: Hampshire

Citizenship: Canada

Flash consciousness or psychology for all

Gladwell was born in Farheme, Hampshire, England (Fareham, Hampshire, England), in the family of a British mathematics professor Graham Gladwell (Graham Gladwell) and his wife, psychotherapist Joyce Gladwell (Joyce Gladwell). When he was 6 years old, his family moved to Elmira, Ontario, Canada (Elmira, Ontario, Canada).

As he admitted later, Malcolm, was the mother in many ways influenced his development as a writer. On the other hand, the father once said first unique determination and ambition boy. Graham Gladwell organized his son access to university; boy could relatively freely roam the classroom - saying that the most that either there is a positive impact on his interest in reading and learning in particular at all.

I do not think that the boy was a typical `chervem` book; impressive progress it has achieved, and on the sports field. In high school, Gladwell jogging on the middle distance; in 1987, he even managed to win the race at 1500 meters in the school championships in Kingston, Ontario (Kingston, Ontario).

Unfortunately, after graduation to enroll in college Gladwell just could not - did not have enough points; instead of education a young man decided to take the advertising business. Alas, here it was not possible to succeed - Malcolm denied all advertising agencies, in which he appealed. Not succeeding, Gladwell decided to take up journalism; received in `The American Spectator`, he moved to Indiana (Indiana). For some time, he wrote for the conservative publication `Insight on the News`; in 1987, Malcolm began to survey the business and scientific life in `The Washington Post`. Later, Malcolm said that it was in the 10 years he has managed to become a real professional.

In 1996, Gladwell moved in `The New Yorker`. It is expected that in the pages of this edition it will be able to educate readers, talking about the freshest scientific theories, investigations, new scientific directions and projects. Alas, the expectations did not come true - the first thing Malcolm is commissioned to write an article about fashion. Instead of the expected review of the latest fashion trends Gladwell, however, he published an article about a person, to establish the release of T-shirts - the topic he seemed a much more interesting.

Real glory Malcolm Gladwell brought two of his articles published in 1996, it was in the pages of `New Yorker` -` The Tipping Point` and `The Coolhunt`. Later these articles formed the basis of the first book Malcolm - `The Tipping Point`; I know that for her journalist received about $ 1 million in advance.

Malcolm Gladwell continues to write for `The New Yorker` now. At the moment, he has published four books; in 2005, I saw the light of its `Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking`, in 2008, was published` Outliers: The Story of Success`, and in 2009 - `What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures`. All works have been taken Gladwell quite warm. Of course, there were the writer and critics - often criticized for his excessive craving for simplification rather complex scientific topics; however, the sales speak for Malcolm works much better than any reviews.