Maksim Shibaev

Picture of Maksim Shibaev

Date of birth: 20.07.1994

Age: 22

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

Website: Celebrities

On the screen Maxim Shibayev hit accidentally. The four-year Maxim walked with his parents at ENEA, when a woman came up to him and introduced himself as an assistant for the actors of "Jumble", recorded his phone. In the sample of Maxim were invited, when he was seven years old. He withdrew, and, as they say, off we go ...

In 2005, Maxim made his film debut. He played Grishku brother Tony in the movie "Case of Kukotskiy". Then there were other works. Great success for the young actor became involved in the psychological drama by Andrei Zvyagintsev`s "The Banishment". Maxim has worked on the same site with Alexander Baluev, Dmitry Ulyanov, Norwegian actress Maria Bonnevie. And director Andrei Marmontova Maxim Shibayev starred in several films: "I - Bodyguard" (Petka), "The most real fairy tale" (Sasha) and "Wild happiness."


2005 Case of Kukotskiy - series

2005 Viola. In the world of criminal passions -2 - series

2006 Letter - Short

2006 Cannon

2007 I - bodyguard

2007 Trap

2007 Expulsion

2008 I - bodyguard. the second film

2008 Labyrinths of love (Russia-Ukraine)

2008 I love married (Russia-Ukraine)

2010 The most real fairytale

2010 Wild happiness