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Date of Birth: 04/20/1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Voronezh

Citizenship: Russia

I was really in love with Nastya Stotskaya

Author: Victoria Kataeva

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Maxim, which may annoy you?

- When people lie. Crook do not like. The hypocrisy of hate, hypocrisy. Though they say, everyone has their own truth. I think the truth is one.

Fight will be a liar?

- I will. And I fight (smiling). We boys - are fighting for their ideals.

And as a child fighting?

- As a child I was beaten all. I had a long, thin. Not that very ugly duckling, but very close to that. He engaged in ballroom dancing. Pampered child. Over a lifetime, many kicks and then slap did not get much at school age.

Boys or girls hurt?

- The boys beat. And the girls just did not like. It was only later, when grown up, began to actively engage in sports, including martial arts, the situation has changed radically. And the other street has become more secure for me. And the smiling girl over steel.

During adolescence, the parents added the problems?

- I started to make a fool of 14 years and a couple of years pobuyanil, like everyone else, probably at this age. I remember, I came home from school and told my mom and dad: hello, parents, and here I lit a cigarette. Mom grabbed the heart. Father banged his fist on the table: "Your mother ..."

Strap given?

- No. Never give belt. We have a very democratic family was. I was only once in the life of my mother raised her hand. At just 14 years old when I stepped vsegranitsy permitted. According to the person struck. I remember that lesson, I remember the act, which is a shame for so long, I will not talk about it. Father never for me, no matter did not raise his brother`s hand. He could reach out to our souls, silly goals short, sometimes just one.

My wife (actress Moon Alla Kazakova -. Ed.) To the glory you not jealous?

- Recently, she told me: "All Shchegolev, I divorce you." I was taken aback, "Why ?!" "I do not see you at all," - she said. Joke, I hope (laughs). She`s also an actress. And when will you marry me, I knew what was coming - I`m going to disappear for days in the theater and on the set. I can go to work not so much with the head, and at the very top. And there, in addition to work, I do not see anything, just turn off from the surrounding reality. Free time is very short. I would like sometimes with friends to see, to meet, to talk. And little wife sometimes offended that I half to two hours of free time I spend with friends and not with her. But I try not to hurt her, even if there is no possibility at the moment to break and to come, be sure to call.

You on set surrounded by such beauties - Yanina Studilina in the "City of temptations" Julia Zimin in "Carmelita" ...

- The wife jealous. He says: "I told you - uh ..." (shows the fist).

So he says - Well, yes. And I will fight for it tooth and nail, if a man suddenly appears on her horizon. And she would beat me. If a woman is relaxed and everything related to it do not care what happens to her "half", I think it is a problem. So, he does not like.

As my wife and I met?

- In the theater, quite by accident. I just came to work in the theater, Anatoly Vasiliev, I was sitting in the cafeteria. One. El. And he heard the sound of heels. He turned and saw her. And he understood. Realized suddenly as lightning, you know - this is it, it is the same. And yet.

She also realized?

- Yes, a little later. When I arrived at the theater to them, the girls in the dressing room rushed out of their troupe of actors. And one of those actors joked, "Well, Kazakova, your husband came to us to work, go to meet people." But we then still Alla never even seen.

How long are you running behind it?

- Long. During her many nursed and cared for. Now, fortunately, it is not so zealously as before, because I have. And I was running a year behind her. No more. One and a half years trying to get close to Alla. Then a miracle happened, she responded to my feelings.

The kids quickly you have any ...

- Yes, we have two girls the same age, literally one after the other were born. The fact is that initially, when the doctor confirmed the pregnancy, two devices showed fruitlets. In the second week of the second fetus stopped, ceased to evolve. We were told - forget about the twins, the baby will be one. Then Masha was born. And we were not surprised when, two months after childbirth little wife became pregnant again, this time Katka. You know, there are things that are taken for granted - that it is already there in a different way can not be.

Daughters are fighting among themselves?

- No, it`s all love and tenderness occurs. Creep each for the friend. The eldest, however, had already begun to show character. Well, she was more independent, she goes, can something be asked, to say something, to something real. Little else is like puppy, gets accustomed to everything, sniffing (smiles). Sometimes you come home from work tired and exhausted. I rushed to the carpet. These two spinogryzika for you crawl back and forth, pulled the nose, the hair. And - a rest, life is beautiful again and the sun is shining.

Finally not a very nice question ask. On your student love - Nastya Stotskaya remember?

- (Shrugs.) Yes, we have had an affair. But why the novel - I was in love with this woman. I was very much in love. I have no hard feelings, aftertaste. Much time has passed since then, all the feelings, emotions, that she excited in me and brought up, I gave it to her. It was, and it passed. No, I do not recall.

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