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Date of Birth: 10/13/1984

Age: 32

Place of birth: Chelyabinsk

Citizenship: Russia

Maxim Maltsev not friends with Anton Papazoglou

Maxim Maltsev laughs at all that it makes you laugh, but more importantly, knows how to laugh at themselves. Being an actor is shy to look at myself on TV, but loves to be in the movies. This is a man who wants people to become kinder and more attentive to each other. It is remarkable refers to your friends, and they to him.

- Maxim, like you`ve been invited to star in the TV series "Soldiers"?

- I passed the casting and leave your photos. And then they called me and said that I come to the role. At this time I was on vacation in Chelyabinsk, and once learned of this, immediately flew to Moscow.

- Anton Papazoglou Your character - a very modest, thoughtful, naive person, and what you are in life?

- In general, I consider myself to be heroic, lyrical, intelligent, a man of genius (laughs)! Well, actually, unless the person has to say about himself, what he is ?! This is seen from the side. After all, we currently always better opinion than we really are.

- What character traits do you have in the way of Anton`s, and what he gave you?

- We have with him was never interactions (smiles). We were not friends! (Laughs). I have not even seen a single story in the `soldier` ??with Papazoglou. Therefore, if I watch the show, and I know that now is the episode "with me" - I turn away. Somehow I feel ashamed. This is my childhood. When I was 4 years old, I acted as a bunny at the children`s matinee, and I came to see my mother. For me it`s the same as if viewed on myself, and I burst into tears! I was terribly ashamed!

- Were some very funny moments during the filming of the TV series?

- There`s always a lot of fun at all, and I always laugh. Since the moment when I come to the shooting, and until the evening. Even when he lay down to sleep, I still laugh, I can not stop! I can not even sleep. A Unas is always a lot of fun. I`m living in a hostel, and there is such a happy people, that sleep is not exactly give !!! I like it. I would not want to live in an apartment. It is sad.

- And where are you?

- In GITIS. In the workshop Valery Borisovich Garkalina on 4 courses of the Faculty of pop on the director.

- What to do in your free time? Do you have a hobby?

- I recently really wanted to go skiing, but it never happened ... But in principle, I really like to sleep (laughs)! I recently put his record - asleep at ten o`clock, and woke up at nine in the evening of the next day. I slept 23 hours. In general, I am in my free time sleeping. Because there are weeks when every day you have to get up at nine, and go to bed at five in the morning. It is strongly exhausting.

- You maintain friendly relations with their "army" colleagues?

- Yes, we all communicate. But basically, I always call back with Sasha Fironova (Nesterov), Pasha Galich (Lavrov). We are holding three in the series and make friends for life.

- In the `soldier` ??was a time when ordinary Anton Papazoglou pushed to get acquainted with the girl. Your character is very confusing, and it was obvious that it is very difficult. Is it difficult to you to get acquainted with the opposite sex?

- Yes. Highly. I`m pretty hard to communicate with new people, and even more so with the girls.

- And you were not in the army? They did not want to serve?

- No, it was not ... and now, probably will not want to ... I have enough that I have been in the military. I think this is violence against the person, humiliation. Because it is necessary each year to go to the draft board and prove that I`m in college, and when the time do not, it is terribly difficult, because you need to go there at nine in the morning and just sit back, wait for up to three days to give a piece of paper. I believe that the army must be professional. The person should have the right to choose. Why would he go where he does not want, still nothing good will happen if he does not have the desire to serve.

- Well, what is the purpose of the television series "Soldiers"? Show that the army is not as scary as they say in the civilian world?

- The meaning of the show, I think, to show that people everywhere. No matter you are an ordinary sergeant or corporal - you, first of all, human, and, most importantly, that you could see in the other person - a man! Maybe then people will be a little easier to live.

- Before the "soldier" you were taken somewhere?

- Yes, but it was minor, incidental roles.

- Who would you play in a serious, perhaps even tragic film?

- I do not know ... I can only say that he should cause laughter through tears. I love tragicomedy. I just have a point of view that, if you play, for example, the role of some tragic or comedic one - is to impoverish ourselves. So my character has to be both comic and tragic.

- In the `soldier` ??is quite simple humor. And what humor is close to you personally?

- I love the films of Charlie Chaplin, and, for example, the series "Mr. Bean," I did not laugh. I do like some of the things he did not know why. For example, I love to go to the Metro (very often I`ve been doing this for 1 year at college) and for no reason, no reason to cry: "A"! (Maxim shouted very loudly, clearly demonstrating it. So suddenly, the entire editorial board of the newspaper almost fell off the chair!). And all at once begin to look around, but you do look as if it`s not you! Well, I like it ...

- And you ride the subway? Learn? How to react?

- Yes, in the subway. Learn. But all react differently. Some come up and ask for an autograph. It is certainly nice, but I`m a little shy. Previously always I said that my brother is shot in the series. Others may shout: "Papazoglou stand!" It is unpleasant for me. So I try to take the player that no one heard.

- And how many will still go to the show? When you have a "demobilization"?

- I do not know. Long. Will "The soldiers-6", Papazoglou and there will be more. There`s still a lot of interesting things happen. For example, a pregnant woman from Anton Rita ... But I will not tell, show all. All the details (smiles)!

- How to respond to the military on this TV series? whether it amuses them, or whether they relate to it negatively?

- Hard to say, but I think that in most cases positive. They are most concerned that all was well in the army.

- Where are the shooting?

- In the near suburbs in the training of the military unit, but in some, do not say - a military secret (laughs)! The series Army, and therefore, we are all classified. I even do not produce abroad (joking)!

- Was it difficult to act in such TV series?

- No. This is, again, only my opinion. But I think that the movie is much easier to play than on the stage and in the current series even easier. All the moments where the actors played poorly, you can "smooth out" beautiful music, special effects, etc.

- Do you like to act in a humorous series about military service? I do not want to take part in a serious movie about the war, such as the sensational film by Fyodor Bondarchuk "9th Company"?

- And I just now doing a 12-part film. However, the shooting temporarily suspended, because a picture is removed in another country, and there currently any such circumstances, because of which is impossible to work. So, I`m a sergeant, who at the end of the movie shoot. My hero - did not Anton Papazoglou. This is a very serious role.

Author: Irina Radostina

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