Maksim Drozd

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Date of Birth: 03/11/1968

Age: 48

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Dokinematografichesky period of life

Maxim Drozd was born in Kiev in a family of actors and a childhood dream to become an actor. But he failed to do in high school theater after graduation, and the young man went into the army. Being a strong man (he is a master of the sport of boxing), Maxim went to serve in the Airborne.

After serving, Maxim Drozd yet fulfilled his dream - he entered the Moscow Art Theatre School in the studio Avangard Leontiev. Together with Maxim studied the future stars of the national cinema: Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Yegor Pazenko Dmitry Shcherbina.

In 1993, Maxim Drozd graduated from the school-studio, starred in several films, and ... As he says himself - took a sabbatical. When asked what he was doing during the almost ten years, the actor answers evasively: "Just watched the life, for me it was much more interesting than in the movies."

charming villain

In recognition of Maxim - to return to his profession made case: went suddenly interesting projects. On the actor`s role influenced a strong constitution and the appropriate appearance (body Maxima riddled with scars, memories of its stormy past). In various films and television series he usually gets the role of criminals, such "charismatic villains." A striking example - Cain from the series "Cursed paradise" elite brothel hostess assistant Katherine (Evelyn Bledans).

Such a one-sided perception of its directors frustrated actor. He himself - a man of deep faith, and, therefore, before to agree on the next part asks the blessing of his spiritual father, and after the confession asks absolution not only themselves, but also character. "I have enough of their own sins, and here also the sins of the character - cheating, stealing, violence," - says the actor.

To work on their characters Maxim Drozd also fits with great care, even in trying to put the criminals have the positive qualities. For example, Cain from his "Cursed Paradise" original scenario was completely different person - a criminal with a black soul. "I did not agree with this interpretation of the role - the actor says. - He`s a military man who works in this vile business solely for the love of Kate! In the end, I persuaded the director to play a role as I see her. Positive and passionate man "

Among the other most famous film characters Maxim Drozd: Peter B. Krasnov in the thriller "I dream of you ...", the killer, lover Milady in the melodrama "A friend of the banker," Tolia Daisy in the series "Liquidation", Zhora Uvarov detective in "The Agony of fear" Pavel Vasilyev named "boxer" in the crime film "good guys", Sergey V. Grushin in the blockbuster "Full Throttle" Major Ashot Grigoryan Sargis "in the series" Death to spies "and others.

Maxim Drozd admits that his attitude toward the acting profession is ambiguous. Rather, he makes his living, and self-fulfilling than trying to make a reputation. But be that as it may, in the audience, this actor is very popular.


Maxim Drozd was married twice. The first time he tied the knot 20 years, and his wife was his former classmate, master of sports in artistic gymnastics. From his first marriage Maxim daughter Dasha, she - European champion in table tennis.

The second wife was also a sports girl - it is a master of sports in swimming. In the marriage Maxim had a son and daughter Masha Yegor.

Maxim Drozd recognizes that both times he was very upset by the divorce.

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