Maksim Boyko

Picture of Maksim Boyko

Citizenship: Russia


The origin, marital status

* Parents

It comes from a family of old Bolsheviks. Parents live in the United States.

* Family status

He married for the second.

* Spouse (a)

With his second wife he met in the Russian Privatization Center.

* Children

There is a child of the second marriage.

Titles and awards

* Degrees and Titles

Candidate of Economic Sciences.

Life Path

From 1985 to 1991. He worked as a research associate at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, was engaged in research in the field of market economy and Soviet-type economies.

In 1992-1994. - Chief Economic Advisor to the Chairman of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for State Property Management, participated in the development and implementation of the voucher privatization program.

In 1995 he was deputy chairman and executive secretary of the Commission of the Russian Federation on economic reform, which was in charge of financial stability.

From 1993 to July 1996 - he was the general director of the Russian Privatization Center.

August 1, 1996 he was appointed Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration. At the same time he served as chairman of the Council for Persons with Disabilities and Local Government Secretary of the Council (2 iyunya1997 g) under the President of the Russian Federation.

On August 13, 1997 - November 15, 1997 - Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the

State Committee on State Property Management. The resignation is connected with the scandal because of the receipt of large fees for neizdanuyu book "The history of Russian privatization."

Personal qualities, characteristics

Hobbies, tastes, style, image

"He was engaged in water tourism, Japanese game, punctual to the tediousness" ( "Moskovsky Komsomolets", 26 May 1997).

Third-party evaluation, characteristics

"Russian News" (6 August 1996): "Clyvet Mr. Boyko tough politician, but this definition applies, perhaps, to the colleagues polovineego Where bolshii tells us his former position Through the Foundation he heads to Russia from the West was... technical assistance in carrying out reforms. He, Boyko, was to bring the goal of a new economic policy to the public opinion. Let us recall the famous slogans such as "privatization" with highlighted and underlined "for" or videos of "You`re too late ...." If you compare them with the recent "Vote or lose!", to discover more stylistic similarities. This indicates not only the same producer of promotional products, but also on one customer. Note that both campaigns were a great success. So previous experience Maxim Boyko was again in demand ".