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Date of Birth: 11/26/1975

Age: 40

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Maxim Averin: Critical, but very sincere person

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Start a career

Maxim Averin was born in Moscow on November 26, 1975. His father worked at the studio `Mosfilm` costume, but all my life wanted to be an actor. His mother was a seamstress and the relationship to the film industry did not have. Maxim grew up an ordinary guy, except for the fact that all the free time he spent in his father`s studio. He was sure that would be the actor and would like to participate in the filming as soon as possible.

This opportunity came at Maxim was 6 years old when his father took him with him to Makhachkala on shooting pictures Nevzorova` `The Adventures of Count (1982). Noticing the boy`s curiosity, the film`s director allowed him to appear in a scene in the role of a dancing boy. It took acting debut Averin, which he will long remember.

In 9 years, Maxim has played on the stage of the thumbnails, and at the same time he studied acting at the Cinema House. Study was given to him easily. He was pronounced humanist: he loved history and literature and hated math. Once Averin even said mathematics teacher, that he would not do his homework, as in the theater mathematics it is not necessary.

After high school, Maxim tried to do to VGIK, but it was waiting for failure. The situation came comical - to require the Commission to show their teeth, Averin said that he is not a horse, took offense and left. Then he went to Schepkinskoe school, but felt uncomfortable there. Finally, Maxim came into the School. Shchukin and immediately realized that this is his place. From the first time he failed to do, but at the second attempt, he was enrolled in a course.

Averin was a favorite of teachers and one of the best students. In 1997 he graduated from college with honors and at the invitation of Konstantin Raikin started playing in the theater `Satirikon`. First there were checkpoints, meaningless roles, but gradually began to give filmmakers the young actor more complex characters. When in 2002 the theater director Yuri Butusov came, there were big changes in Maxim`s career.

Butusov famously put `Makbeta` where Averin played a very important role of the Bank. This work marked a new stage in the career of Maxim, which will soon become an indispensable actor of the theater. The performance Butusova `Richard III` Averin appeared on the scene in three images - mother the Duchess of York and brothers Edward and Clarence. During his brilliant game, he received good critical acclaim. The press wrote that was particularly prominent his role of the Duchess of York, he performed the balancing between sincerity and parody.

Finding popularity

Although Maxim Averin and starred in the movie as a child, his full debut was a role in the comedy `Korabel`nikova zla` Love (1998). After this work, which critics considered brilliant, Averin called `Russian Jim Kerri`. This role was assigned to the actor so that the producers offered him only comedic roles. Maxim wanted to open up as a dramatic actor, so many of the proposals ignored.

In 2003 Averin finally broke hated his role. This happened thanks to the director Vadim Abdrashitov which several contenders for the role in the film `Valerka Magnetic buri` chose Maxim. It is noteworthy that the actor came to audition in the bottoms, shaggy and with an earring in his ear, which does not correspond to his image. But the director, probably thanks to some special flair, approved for the role was his.

As it turned out, Abdrashitova choice has fully justified itself. Averin received rave reviews from critics and the first in the career award - Award of the Russian Federation Government in the field of culture and `Triumf`. For this work was followed by roles in A Place in the `solntsem` (2004),` Dr. Zhivago` (2005), `Aziris Nuna` (2006). They brought the first actor to fame in Russia. He began to learn not only in film circles, but also passers-by on the street.

However, the greatest success of Maxim Averin not reached in the movies, and on television. When Ivan Kokorin and Kirill Pletnev gave up the role of Sergei Glukhareva investigator in the television series `Gluhar` (2008-2010), Maxim gladly agreed to participate in the project. Despite fierce criticism from many filmmakers, the series gained popularity among viewers, making Averin popular actor.

After three seasons of `Gluharya` Averin stopped shooting in the series. But it had nothing to do with criticism in his address. According to the actor, he does not avoid `Gluharya` because in fact - it is a good project. It contains both comic and tragic. But the main theme of the show - this is the theme of man. According to Maxim, he left because he did not want callous people`s eyes for too long. He respects zritelyai sees no reason to make a series of soap opera.

After the image of `brutal politseyskogo` Averin surprised many by appearing as the lead surgeon on the show` Bragin Sklifosofskiy` (2012-2015). According to the actor, working on the way, he had goals to copy the behavior and lives of doctors. He wanted to create your original image, which is liked by the audience. And Maxim succeeded. The series has gained immense popularity, becoming, according to experts, the best on Russian television recently.

Now Maxim Averin is one of the most popular Russian actors. It secretly in love with thousands of girls across the country. But if there is an actor second half - remains a mystery. Sam Averin says that love - his normal state. He can not live without love, which is necessary to him as air. But if he has a pair of Maxim says. There are rumors that his girlfriend name is Tanya, and she has nothing to do with the movie. Why actor hides his chosen one, no one knows.

According to Averin, he - a workaholic and can not do without the work of even a couple of days. After the program `hair`s toch`, where the actor was a member of the jury, he showed himself very critical person. Maxim believes that the evaluation of austerity - this is correct. But this does not mean that it is too strict. The actor says that he is a kind, warm person. Averin`s dream - to play in a film adaptation of the works of Saltykov-Shchedrin. According to him, he unjustly forgotten writer. Saltykov-Shchedrin, according to the actor, more than others understand the Russian soul.

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