Maisie Beech

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Age: 20

Place of birth: Flemingston

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Make-up and criticism

Student from Flemingstona, Wales (Flemingston, Wales) Macy Beach loves brightly painted, and one day she decided to show what wonders creates cosmetics to her face. She has posted on the Internet their photos, where only one half of the face make-up is applied. She did not expect to receive in response to a barrage of nasty comments.

Macy was sure that comes within its rights when posted photos. However, the reaction of the majority of Internet users has been extremely negative - so that the student brought into confusion.

The main aim was to show Macy as she likes to use makeup and how effectively it can look like. But at the same time she wanted to emphasize that even without makeup she feels comfortable. The idea to place these photos come when one morning she painted before a mirror and is next brother obratilvnimanie how transformed her face.

Pictures Macy, hosted on the network quickly spread all over the world. In just two weeks they looked about 2 million people. Its original photo even posted in Instagram Dedivanovik Mario (Mario Dedivanovic) - makeup artist Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian).

But along with those who were delighted talent girl skillfully applied make-up, there were many people who reacted very negatively. They called Macy ugly and terrible. Some have gone so far as to suggest that she has cancer. Stinging commentators suggested to invite a girl on the first date when swimming or assumed that Macy is suffering from hair loss.

`Sad to see such a reaction of society - says Macy Beach. - Yes, make-up is a part of fashion, and girls love to experiment with their looks. But we do not paint the last to hide their faces or deceive people. It is impossible to criticize the women for what they are painted. But unacceptable to call them ugly, if they are not kosmetiki`.

At Macy`s the nature of the red hair and very light, almost invisible eyebrows. It is half an hour a day spent on applying makeup and eyebrow color with 12 years. Student notes the irony of her online post that it was intended to expand the rights of women, but now it turns out that the girl may not dare to go out without make-up for fear of get negative reviews.

`Some people in the comments wrote:` You can not be rude to the girl, because she is an albino, she had cancer, alopecia ... `But why is it necessary to find a reason not to be rude? It can be kind to others simply because they are human beings with their chuvstvami` - says Macy.

She notes that the positive statements were not enough, a fact that it is depressing. Nevertheless, she is aware that placing pictures, it opened itself to criticism.

`But there were positive comments, and that gave me confidence that I made are not in vain. It was nice to feel the support, not only in the narrow circle of relatives and druzey` - recognized Miss Beach.

The speed with which photos circled the Internet, hit Macy. She began to imagine that celebrity feel to give negative comments. Macy did not think that the difference between made up half of her face and not made so shocking others. She herself is not shy about her face anyway.

Among the positive comments were those in which the girls admired her talent to apply makeup. Macy`s even thought about how to do it professionally.