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Progressive group "Magellan" was founded in 1985 by brothers Gardner, Trent and Wayne. Due to the constant performance of the ensemble was soon forced to talk about himself as a rising American progressive team.

After 80-x the band attracted the attention of the boss "Shrapnel Records" Mike Varney and former manager of "The rods" Peter Mortichelli that just at the time founded the "Magna carta" label. And in 1990, "Magellan" became the first team that has signed a contract with the new company.

By the time the first album, "Hour of restoration", was prepared by a third. The peculiarity of this release (as well as later) became the focus of historical texts. Almost all the songs from the pen of Trent. He was lead singer and played the keyboards.

MagellanNa guitar playing Wayne and responsibility conferred on bass Hal Stringfellow Imbrie. Drummer was not in a group,and musicians used drum machine, which in general is not worsened sound quality. The second disc, "Impending ascension", was recorded almost the same composition, and only on one track as a guest drummer appeared "Jethro Tull" Don Perry. In 1995, the "Magellan" participated in the creation of tribute album "Yes",writing cover "Don`t Kill The Whale". By the time the third long play sessions, "Test of wills", Gardner finally managed to find a permanent drummer, who became Brad Kaiser.

The first two albums were very similar in style, and "Impending ascension" sounded like a logical continuation of the "Hour of restoration".MagellanNa both releases were present mixed and long and short tracks, lyrics and melodies based on interest, which sometimes suddenly broken off. In addition, constantly met transitions from soft rock to Hardy, and vice versa. All this created ocheninteresny effect for the listener. In the "Test of wills" there have been some changes ,and the composition became more based on guitar riffs rather than melodies. In 1998, Gardner was engaged in a project "Explorers club", which also includes musicians from the "Dream theater" and "Mr. Big". In this company, they released the album "Age Of Impact". And in 2000, frontman Trent helped "Kansas" Steve Walsh solo record "Glossalia".The fourth CD " Magellan ", "Hundred year flood", came to light only in 2002. Album contained all three compositions, one of which, "The Great Goodnight", was stretched to 35 minutes. The staff records record helping guitarists Robert Berry and George Bellas ,as well as such well-known personalities like Ian Anderson of "Jethro Tull" and Tony Levin of "King Crimson".

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