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Date of Birth: 03/01/1915

Age: 94

Place of birth: Neukolln

Citizenship: Germany


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Mady Ral was born under the name Edith Gertrud Meta Raschke on 3 January 1915, in the Neukolln district of Berlin, Germany. Since childhood, she wanted to be an actress and dancer. Ral studied acting at the School of Ilka-Gruninger and gained incomparable experience of playing in various school productions.

Since 1933, the year she began to meet with the future director Detlef Zirka, a year later became the star of his debut film `Zwei Genies` (` Two geniya`). Zirka Ral acquainted with the Berlin studio bigwigs `UFA`, with whom the actress later concluded a four-year contract. In 1930 Mady played some iconic roles in films such as musical Carl Boese `Hello Zhannin` and` Fraulein`, both of 1939.

Mady Ral like no one else fit the Nazi standards of beauty. They say she was a favorite actress of propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Dr. Goebbels loved romantic comedies and, reportedly, was particularly fascinated by Mady in the comedy musical `Die Lustigen Vagabunden` (` Funny brodyaga`) 1940, where she played the journalist Gisela Merz. Thanks to the patronage of Nazi Ral took part in several films made specifically for Adolf Hitler.

After the Second World War, the actress for a while farewell to his professional career, but returned to the screens in 1950, having played several character roles. Even in old age, she never ceased to be the star of the German film industry.

In 1960 she joined the cast of Comedy Theatre in Munich, and over the years appeared in the television series, mainly with criminal-dramatic slope.

Among the most famous works with Mady - circus drama Truksa` `or` Artists tsirka`, dramatic film `Towards a new beregam` comedy` Once the May nochyu` with Marika Rokk, military action `Night over Gotenhafenom`, crime drama` London falshivomonetchik` comedy `entertain girls and koridornyy` and horror Horror` Blekvud` castle.

Apart from acting violent activities Miss Ral found a second calling. She became a painter, watercolourist, exhibitions which have had success in several galleries. Thrice marries Mady in recent years lived in a nursing home in Munich. Before his death, she was almost blind and suffering from dementia.

German actress died at the age of 94 years 29 August 2009.

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