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Often you can hear the club song says it - " crossover hit "that is, dance composition, but with underground roots. At the same time a song is sure to be a success at the widest possible audience.

By the glorious list of kompoztsy can add debut single

Madison Avenue "Do not Call Me Baby", which was originally released label Vicious Vinyl,the oldest and most successful independent dance label, released the single on his branch Vicious Grooves. Before the madness affectionate vocal disco house number, received in the form of completion remix

New York`s influential people in the Dronez (Eric Morillo,Jose Nu. .. ez and Harry "Choo Choo" Romero) is able to deliver this kind of music to the rest of the world. Indeed, released in the United States, the single soon broke into the top ten Resources: Dance " Billbod " (in the category of " dance maxi-single " and " samyyigraemy club dance number ") , suitability and hitting a "hot hundred" " Billboard ". The team consists of Madison Avenue Melbourne DJ and producer Andy Van and Cheyne Coates. But do not think that the staff is exceptionally Andy project in which Cheney represented only by voice and pretty face. Of course, it is - the singer Madison Avenue, nogruppa based on this cooperation ,Chain and involved in the process at each stage of writing and recording music. Andy - one of the pioneers of the small but perfectly formed Australian music scene.

As a co-founder of Vicious Vinyl, he was also one of the most popular DJs in the country since the early days of house music. Over the past 12 years he played for millions of people, and in the clubs, where he was DJ - resident (and it is - the oldest and most uspeshnyhnochnyh Melbourne clubs), as well as in countless individual performances across the country. At the same time he created a very significant remixeslike "Believe" project Traveller & In Motions (which received the highest score in the category of " dance music " as defined by Mixmag Update),

"Coma" Pendulum Group (award winning ARIA - Australian analog of the "Grammy") and "Comma", created by Son Of A Cheeky Boy (also known as Norman Cook and Fatboy Slim) not to mention the more mainstream records as Dead or Alive. But it was as a producer, he became naiboleezameten, working with a variety of colleagues in a wide variety of styles under different names : Key South, Bubbleman, Astral Project, Discotheque, among the most significant Ktorov - Blackout,whose song "Gotta Have Hope" was included in the top five dance charts around the world. Now the Madison Avenue with their debut album "Polyester Embassy" eclipse and this achievement. Whatever

Andy was, whether the head of the label, DJ, remixer, in any case, he is able to set the heat. While Cheney has no such authority in Australia, Andy, it is also not the last person in the club scene of Melbourne. Professional dancer with many years of experience, she as a dancer and choreographer participated in many productions Resources: Dance on the podium in tozhevremya honing talent producer.

In addition to interest in music ,Cheney also a passionate defender of animals. A significant part of the income she donates to various charities to protect wildlife. The world is too long did not know about this music down under. Now the Madison Avenue - first with the single "Do not Call Me Baby", then with the album "Polyester Embassy" -ready to rock and all ostavitneizgladimy mark on the dancefloors from Melbourne to Manchester from Miami to Munich. So - no more, no less.

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