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Date of Birth: 05/15/1967

Age: 49

Birth Place: Mumbai

Citizenship: India


Madhuri Dixit was born May 15, 1967 in Mumbai in the family high caste Hindus who speak Marathi. Her mother called Snehlata and father - Shankar, besides, Madhuri has two sisters - Rupa and Bharati - and brother Ajit.

As a child, Madhuri has not dreamed of a career of an actress or a dancer, that has not stopped her to engage in Kathak. Girl about to go to school, and after college went on Bombay Parle on microbiology course. And just received a bachelor`s degree, Madhuri finally thought about the career of the actress.

Madhuri - one of the few Bollywood actresses of the 80s, which was a complete school education and also has a bachelor`s degree in microbiology.


In 1986, she accepted the offer Rajshri Productions studio to star in the film Abodh. The picture failed, Madhuri went unnoticed and was forced to appear in tiny roles and dance rooms.

One of these roles, she gave the director Ghai film in Karma (1986 Madhuri had `Uttar Dakshin`. In addition, Ghai Madhuri placed advertisements in several magazines, saying that Boney Kapoor, Yash Chopra and half a dozen of the leading filmmakers signed a contract with her, which was not in sight.

Madhuri starred in another film, Ghai`s `Ram Lakhan` (1988), which promises to become her first hit. But the actress has managed to conquer the audience a little earlier, appearing in the winding dance room Ek, do, teen in `Tezaab` N. Chandra.

Tezaab`, instead of `Ram Lakhan` abruptly turned actress career. And now the shark Bollywood really paid attention to the talented girl. 90 years became the happiest period in Madhuri. In 1990 came Dil, which brought her the first Filmfare Award for Best Actress. Duet with Indra Kumar was happy for Madhuri - their joint movie Beta (1991), which brought the Filmfare second, and Raja (1995) became hits. After Raja, the film is far from ideal and only saved Madhuri she gained the nickname "Woman Amitabh Bachchan." And in 1994 came the film "Who am I for you

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