Madge Dorita Sinclair

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Date of Birth: 04/28/1938

Age: 57

Place of Birth: Kingston

Nationality: Jamaica


Author: Eugene Tantsurina

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Madge Sinclair (Madge Sinclair, full name - Madge Dorita Sinclair) was born in 1938 in Kingston, Jamaica (Kingston, Jamaica), in the family and Jemima Herbert Walters (Herbert and Jemima Walters). In 1969 Madge moved to New York (New York), there to begin an acting career.

His first role she had in the series` Medical tsentr` almost immediately after his arrival in the States. For 10 years, Sinclair has played supporting roles or even took part in the filming of a low-budget films.

In 1978 Madge had a leading role in the film directed by Sam Peckinpah (Sam Peckinpah) `Konvoy` (Convoy). The film almost immediately gained popularity because of its unusual plot, reveals the truth about the transport of corruption in the country.

Shortly before that, in 1977, Sinclair was the winner of the award `Emmi` (Emmy Award) for her role in the miniseries` Roots`.

In 1980 she starred in the TV series `Dzhon` Hunter (Trapper John, MD); it is known that she received as many as three `Emmi` Prize for this work. In an interview in the 1980s, the film critic Donald Bogle (Donald Bogle) noted in its own `maintenance of calm and confidence, despite chto`.

In 1988, together with James Earl Jones (James Earl Jones) and Eddie Murphy (Eddie Murphy), Madge played in the film `Journey into Ameriku` (Coming to America). The film was very popular; fees in the world has exceeded 288 million dollars.

In 1944, the actress met again with James Earl Jones on the set, but this time they were both working on voice acting animated film `Lev` King (The Lion King). Perhaps, after the film`s release in 1994, the year, no critic was unable to write a negative review. Anyway, cartoon grossed over 780 million dollars, and took a leading position in the charts the world`s best films.

Madge has also played a cameo role in the hit series `Star Trek 4: The road domoy`, but her name was not even mentioned in the credits.

Besides acting career, Sinclair is the founder of the company for the production of clothing `Madge Walters Sinclair Inc.`, as well as the owner of the company` Action Income Tax Service`.

It is known that the actress has been married twice; her first husband was Sinclair Royston (Royston Sinclair), with whom she lived until 1969. Second husband, actor Dean became Madge Compton (Dean Compton); their marriage lasted until his death Madge.

In December of 2005, Madge Sinclair died of leukemia. Her body was cremated and the remains are buried in her homeland - Jamaica.

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