Mademoiselle Gabrielle

Picture of Mademoiselle Gabrielle

Age: 131

Place of birth: Basel

Citizenship: Switzerland

Half of the girls

She was born in Basel, Switzerland (Basel, Switzerland), in 1884. Her career began in 1900, at the Paris World`s Fair, where extraordinary Gabriel presented as a living exhibit called `Half devushki`.

The first attempt to win a place in show business was so successful that soon Gabriel went to work in America (America). Offers poured in from all sides, including from the circus `Dreamland Side Show Circus` and theaters` Ringling Bros.` and `Barnum & Bailey`.

In addition, in 1912, Mademoiselle Gabrielle began a brief career in the theater `New York Hammerstein`, where she was involved in vaudeville. Eventually, she severed ties with the theater. Following this, an action for breach of contract was filed. The legal battle, which lasted four years, ended in favor of the agent of the theater `New York Hammerstein`, which Gabriel ordered to pay $ 2,000.

Generally, in the comedy plays it appeared not so many extraordinary personalities, one of which, no doubt, is Gabriel. Perhaps even some vaudeville actress, like Siamese twins Daisy (Daisy Hilton) and Violet Hilton (Violet Hilton), do not go to any comparison with the `Half devushki` Switzerland.

Gabrielle was beautiful, charming, graceful and rather modest. Going out to the public, Mademoiselle conquered people`s hearts with its charm, while the primary purpose of her employers - to amuse the audience a new `frikom` - rot on the vine.

Mademoiselle Gabrielle was born without legs, and, according to an article in the newspaper `London Life` from 1929, it was not even what is called` `obrubkami` or kultyami`. Her torso ended just below the hips, but Gabriel could appear at the same time elegant.

The owner of the beautiful external data, Mademoiselle come from Switzerland emphasized its physical characteristics and natural beauty rich in Victorian clothes. Among other things, she tried not to forget the precious jewelry. Gabriel firmly believed that the woman was `not less than all ostalnye`, despite the fact that physically there was only half a woman.

She never complained about his fate, his position and tried to remain independent. Calling a particular interest in the opposite sex, Mademoiselle Gabrielle smashed one man`s heart for others. She was married at least three times. Her first husband was the man named Hunter. Third husband was a German gentleman.

Due to the fact that Gabriel has repeatedly changed their names, it was difficult to track how there was life `Half devushki` at a later stage. For the same reason it is not possible to establish the exact date and place of death of `legless chuda`.