Madeleine Sologne

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Date of Birth: 10/27/1912

Age: 82

Citizenship: France


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Name Madeleine gave the area in which she was born. This vast marshy area near the forest of Orleans (Orleans) has always been shrouded in a kind of veil of myths and legends.

Sologne is not immediately became an actress; the first time it has developed a new model in Paris hats. Her husband, however, was associated with a movie which closely; thanks to him the world of the big screen and became interested in Madeleine. She made her debut in the propaganda picture of 1936 `Our crazy zhizn` (` La Vie est nous`). Over the next two years Sologne starred in 14 films - though not starring. Especially from her work at the time it should be noted circus drama Fader Jacques (Jacques Feyder) `Les Gens du voyage`, lush costume drama` Adrienne Lecouvreur` L`Erbe Marcel (Marcel L`Herbier) and historical ekstravagantsu Sacha Guitry (Sacha Guitry) ` Remontons les Champs-Madeleine Elyses`.V primarily known for the role in the film `Eternal vozvraschenie` (` L`Eternel retour`). This picture was shot in 1943; France at that time was under Nazi rule. The film is based on the legend of Tristan and Isolde; written by Jean Cocteau (Jean Cocteau) script was brought to life by filmmaker Jean Delannoy (Jean Delannoy); he was able to skillfully demonstrate that in tough times people may die not only horrible, violent death, but also of love. While in the film were quite escapist tendencies; `Eternal vozvraschenie` has become one of the best examples of this. As with many popular paintings of the time, the plot of the film has taken from ancient myth; This, however, did not prevent him glorify extremely modern which looked Madeleine. Sologne and its partner, the legendary French actor Jean Marais (Jean Marais), successfully embodied the classic image of a romantic couple; their love, in full accordance with the original legend, was able to overcome all obstacles - including death itself. Distinctive features Gere - bright blonde hair and characteristic sweater Madeleine Marais - copied moviegoers across the country.

Critics still can not reach a consensus on how affected Natalie - Sologne heroine - on the development of the French cinema of the time. Some argue that Madeleine played the heroine, quite typical for that time; others are inclined to say that Solon has created one of the most promising female images for the entire period of occupation. There were a painting and opponents - so many have noted that highlighted blonde hair and almost perfect physique Sologne and Marais promotes Aryan ideals.

No one, however, `Eternal vozvrascheniem` nice Madeleine; it could continue to combine their roles in contemporary elegance with eternal themes. Unfortunately, the glory `Vozvrascheniya` following her movies could not be repeated; Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning at least the wonderful `La Foire aux chimres` Shenalya Pierre (Pierre Chenal) Erich von Stronheymom (Erich von Stroheim) in one of the main roles. This picture is a kind of melodramatic rethinking `Lights goroda` (` City Lights`) Charlie Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin); Sologne here played a blind woman who suddenly has a vision and throwing his old ugly fan (role Stronheyma background).

Madeleine continued to periodically appear on the screen until 1969; Unfortunately, none of the movies with her participation was not able to repeat the success of `Eternal vozvrascheniya`.

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