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Year of birth : 1987

Age: 28 years

Citizenship : United States

God`s instructions for rock musicThe team Mad at the World (Evils of the world) existed from 1987 to 1998 in Southern California (Southern California). Altogether seven studio albums, one compilation and the guys twice his records reprinted in the format 2 1. The most controversial composition of the group is called `Isn`t Sex a Wonderful Thing?` (` Unless sex is not a wonderful thing ? `) .

Initially, the group played the brothers, Roger Rose and Randy Rose (Randy Rose), and Mike Pendleton. Later they were joined by Brent Gordon. In 1992, space Pendleton and Gordon took Michael Link and Ben Jacobs.

Postman Roger Rose together a group in 1987. His work allowed him to compose songs on the go, in your head ,where he endured his creativity on paper, when he returned to his jeep. Roger owned a bunch of synthesizers, drum machines and equipment for the recording. When asked to explain the name of the group, he quoted 1 John 2:16, which says : ` Do not love the world or the things in mire`.

At the time of founding Mad at the World Roger`s brother, Randy ,It was only fifteen. They were joined by their friend Mike Pendleton, and the guys released a CD titled `Mad at the World`. Unique Christian music intertwined with the synth-pop sound. Definitely shows the influence of bands like Tears for Fears, but in particular Depeche Mode.Roger was able to realize his idea and avoid similarities with reigning at that time on the Christian music scene Amy Grant (Amy Grant) and a group of Stryper. Although the release of Mad at the World did not become the biggest selling album of the group about him fondly remembered by many fans.

The second disc, `Flowers in the Rain`, was released in 1988. tech-rock sound tightened aggressive guitars, and lyrical material became more variability. Song `Fearfully and Wonderfully` was devoted to his own ` I`ll. Composition `Holding the Puppet Strings` called to trust in the Lord and not to men, or Satan. Track `This Lie` talked about how people justify their bad habits. Since work on the third album, `Seasons of Love`, band Mad at the World changed its synthpop direction, to achieve a sound that can be easily played back on live performances. In the next three clear plates such ` tyazhelyy` style is hard rock.

`Seasons of Love` came out in 1990 ,where Brent Gordon was responsible for the guitar. This album hit the charts 18 in the `Top Contemporary Christian` magazine ` Billboard`. Switching from synth-pop to hard rock was a real shock for some people. Especially aggressive and energetic in the track list are such songs as `Promised Land` and ` So Insane`, both on drug abuse. After `Seasons of Love` group began to compare with The Cult, Danzig and The Cure.

The album `Boomerang` 1991 came composition ` Isn`t Sex a Wonderful Thing? `, ` Which has become the most controversial pesney` in the history of the team. Track `If You Listen` considered to create an atmosphere of a mysterious mansion with ghosts and cemetery. Song `Sunday` inspired by comparison with what makes the band Alice In Chains. The lyrical material from the album touched on topics such as sin, redemption, and love of God to the people.

Next, the fifth studio album, `Forest`, was released in 1992. It was the last work with Mike and Brent Gordon Pendleton. They both left Mad at the World,but about the reasons for leaving can only guess. Roger Rose expressed his gratitude to Mike and Brent on the cover of the next disc.

In 1993 came the album `The Ferris Wheel`, where the guitars provided Ben Jacobs, and bass - Mike Link. Radically changed the style of the band. Traced the transition from hard-rock with the previous three disks to a ` retrovomu` sound, mixing rock and pop and Beatles style.

The last studio album, `The Dreamland Cafe`, students presented in 1995. The release went on to head towards softer Beatles power pop sound. In an interview with Roger he said ,that thematically this record can be considered ` as a metaphor for the Church or Christianity or Christ. .. as a little metaphor for an optimistic, hopeful Hristianstva`.

The band broke up in 1998.

Recognized as the most controversial song in the repertoire of Mad at the World,Composition `Isn`t Sex a Wonderful Thing?` was first performed at the music festival of Christian music `Cornerstone` 89`. She was supposed to enter in the album `Seasons of Love`, but, according to Roger Rose, the record company refused to include the song in the track list. The publishers decided that only the listener and remember ,that catchy line ` Is sex is not a wonderful thing ? ` and not embedded in a song imbued with meaning. According to the report, the song could condone promiscuity, while pursuing the opposite goal.

In one line he mentions how his father rapes his daughter, and then come the words: ` This means that the Pope loves you, dear. Yes,it normalno`. Roger explains that actually knew Christian who molested his daughter, and that he heard about what emotional scars it leaves in the soul of man.

Roger stresses that `Isn`t Sex a Wonderful Thing?` Talks about the bad side of sex, but in the end returned to the idea ,that granted by the Lord intimate fine if you follow God`s rules - to keep the purity before marriage and fidelity after marriage. However, because of this song albums Mad at the World are not sold in some Christian stores. Especially in a city where parents Rose brothers lived.During its existence, Mad at the World rarely goes on tour, it could not affect the album sales. The band members were not ready to leave their daily activities. In addition, Christian music was and continues to occupy a small portion of the total music market and rarely intersects with secular music.

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