Macy And Mackenzie Garrison

Picture of Macy And Mackenzie Garrison

Age: 13

Citizenship: United States

Siamese twins shared a kid

Macy and Mackenzie Harrison (Macy and Mackenzie Garrison) were born in 2002, I was born at the same time with them and their third sister - Madeline (Madeline). Problems with the latter did not have any, but the baby and Macy McKenzie fused together. They had a third, common leg, and they partly shared intestines and liver. In the biological parents of girls had a drug problem, but because the baby were immediately given to custody.

The new girls become parents Jeff and Darla Harrison (Darla and Jeff Garrison) from Riverside, California (Riverside, California). In their extended family I had already had three sons, but triplets, and even more unusual, they have never seen. Native son Jeff Darla and Luke (Luke), was simply overjoyed - he`s got just three sisters! Now the family Harrison was six children - three sons and three daughters.

Weight and Macy McKenzie at birth stood at just over 900 grams, but the medical opinion was unequivocal: girls can razdelit.Tak, giving them a little time to grow up, it was decided to carry out the operation for separation closer to the age of one year. Moreover, all this time, girls were prepared - they stretched skin.

New parents of triplets loved all three of them at once, surrounding them with care and trying to give them all that deprived them of the nature and the biological parents. They did not bother the girls have grown together - Jeff even joked that when Macy and Mackenzie were united, they were very comfortable to hold in his arms - one was arranged beautifully on the right, another - to the left.

The operation of the separation and Macy McKenzie held at Children`s Hospital Los Angeles (ChildrensHospital Los Angeles) in 2003, when little girls were 9 months old and its first birthday, all three sisters celebrated as individual girls. They are preparing for separation and operated by Dr. James Stein (Dr James Stein), a professor, a brilliant pediatric surgeon. The operation lasted 24 hours, and in the end, resting after the operation, and Macy McKenzie first slept apart from druga.Medelin lucky at birth more than sisters - she grew up completely is healthy and no fear of the doctors did not cause. After separation from Macy`s and Mackenzie appeared each only one leg, and walk the baby has already learned with crutches. By the way, over time, they are so accustomed to their crutches, they did not prevent them to run, jump and even dance.

Later, when about this unusual family already shot some scenes for television, Jeff and Darla remembered that the first time they are very distressing human curiosity - wherever they appeared, people everywhere do not hesitate treated fused girls. They had to cover them, to hide from prying eyes.

For seven years, and Macy McKenzie became real tomboy - they can manage horses (the family has a small horse farm), climb trees and worn on his crutches with unthinkable speed. Their sister Madeline grew both - it is much taller, but because people often take her older sister.

Macy and Mackenzie actively and do not hesitate to communicate with journalists and sharing their plans. So, they want and plan to play football, and they are easy to explain how it is possible to play football with only one leg and a pair of crutches.

By the nature of all three girls are completely different, but sometimes Macy McKenzie and it seems that they can read each other`s thoughts.

At school, girls have adapted very quickly, once the teacher was almost shocked when I saw Macy`s, jump rope, which spun the other two girls.

Despite the fact that both girls already have dentures, they prefer to walk with crutches - they are much easier and more familiar to them. By the way, sometimes, especially in the home, if the sisters too lazy to take the crutches, they just jump on one leg.

Today, Darla and Jeff could no longer imagine what would have been their life without Madeleine, Macy and Mackenzie. `The Power of Love` - it is so called video clip about this amazing family, featured in the program` 60 Minutes`.