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Birthday : 6/19/1983, the

Age: 32 year

Place of Birth : Seattle, Washington, USA

Citizenship : SShAOriginalnoe name Ben Haggerti

Original name: Ben Haggerty

Rap, drugs and baseballSpecific experience in the music industry have been at the Ben - hip-hop, he was fond of 6 years. In 14 Haggerty began to write their own texts.

Haggerty was born and raised in Seattle, Washington (Seattle, Washington). After school, Ben went to college Evergreen (Evergreen State College), where he received a bachelor`s degree.Already at that time he was interested in music - in particular, as a tool for reaching out to youth. Specific experience in the music industry have been at the Ben - hip-hop, he was fond of 6 years. In 14 Haggerty began to write their own texts. Ben `s parents own the music had nothing to do ,but the son of passion kept entirely.

In 2000, Haggerty, who spoke at the time under the pseudonym Professor Macklemore, released his first EP `Open Your Eyes`; distributing the record Ben alone. Later, the word ` professor` Haggerty of his creative pseudonym thrown. The first full-length album, it was released in January of 2005 ; it was called `The Language of My World`. In September 2009, Ben released a record `The Unplanned Mixtape`, in October 2010 - the company with Ryan Lewis (Ryan Lewis) - recorded ` VS. Redux EP`. One of the most famous songs from this collection - `Otherside` - Haggerty wrote ,based on our own experience of drug use (and, of course, the same name of the song `Red Hot Chili Peppers`).

Drug dependence has long been one of the most serious problems of the musician ; fortunately, in the end, Ben was able to overcome the pernicious habit. That the fight against drugs was due to his absence from the music scene in the period from 2005 to 2009. Finally ` zavyazal` Haggerty in 2008 - shortly before the formation of a creative alliance with the already mentioned Lewis.

In July 2012, the Lewis and Haggerty announced their first joint full-length album, `The Heist`; supposedthat the record will be released on October 9, 2012 - th. Promise your Haggerty and Lewis kept - and the album itself came after the release of several singles in the individual market. his success waited quite impressive - in the first week, he got the 2nd place in the ranking `US

Billboard 200`. Shortly after the band went to record tour. It is expected that in March 2013, Haggerty and Lewis will be one of the headliners of the hip- hop festival in San Bernardino, California (San Bernardino, California).

At the moment, the company is working with Macklemore `The Agency Group`.

21 January 2013, Ben Haggerty became engaged to his longtime girlfriend Trisha Davis (Tricia Davis).Engagement has become a logical continuation of their 7 -year-old novel and put an end to a number of rumors about different sexual orientation musician caused in the first place, his repeated statements in support of sexual minorities.

In their songs Haggerty sometimes talks about God and religion ;Ben himself to any particular religion does not belong to and prefers to stick to its own world outlook system. In the works of his God is often presented not so much as a specific creation, much as a certain idea of embodying the dreams and aspirations of potential believers.

Macklemore - an avid sports fan ;most interested in his baseball sick Haggerty for `Seattle Mariners`. Once Haggerty even had a chance to speak at one of the matches of their favorite team ; This happened shortly after the publication of his new music video dedicated to the late sports commentator Dave Nijhuis (Dave Niehaus)

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