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American metal band "Machine head" was founded in Auckland in 1992, a former member of "Vio-Lence" Robb Flynn.

American metal band "Machine head" was founded in Auckland in 1992, a former member of "Vio-Lence" Robb Flynn (guitar, vocals). It is true even before he had time to play in the "Forbidden", before they are widely known. The original composition " The mechanical head " also includes guitarist Logan Mader, bassist Adam Deuce and former drummer " posessed " Walter Ryan. However, the latter briefly had time to play in the band, and was replaced by Chris Kontos (ex "Attitude adjustment").The debut of the new band took place at the opening concert "Napalm death" and "Obituary". first album "Burn My Eyes" was released in 1994. This published on the label "Roadrunner Records", a disc rather quickly broke sales records other releases of this company.After the release of the album "Machine head" received a prestigious invitation to open the concerts of "Slayer" during the US and European tours. Also in 1995, the guys performed well at the festival "Monsters Of Rock" in Donington.

Then the confusion started with the strikers. Contos abruptly decided to throw in "Konkhra" and the end of the tour "Machine head" finish the game with Ryan Walter. At the end of the tour he went to Ryan "Madball", and it became a temporary replacement Will Carroll. Only in 1996, the team at " postoyanku " was adopted by Dave McClain (ex- "Sacred reich"). During 1997 the group had a good time inthat the British opened concerts "Napalm death" and "Skinlab", European - "Pantera" and American - "Megadeth". After the release of the second album began again with staff problems - this time left Mader, joined to the first "Soulfly", and then to the "Pale demons". He was replaced by Arya Laster, a young veteran commands such as "Man made God","Horde of torment" and "Pestilence".

The third album " Mechanical heads ", "The burning red", present the song "Devil With The King`s Card", about which Flynn said that it is dedicated to a man recently fell off from the group.

In late 2000, rumors began to circulate that the striker wants to leave McClane in "Systematic", this all- butIt did not happen. "Machine head" continued studio work and in 2001 was thrown to the market a new album, "Supercharger". This CD was followed by the single "Crashing Around You", also includes live versions of "Silver" and "Ten Ton Hammer" and recorded with bassist prodyuserstva "Candlemass" Leif Edling. But in connection with the events of 11 September the title track was removed, and there was another song instead, "Deafening Silence". In early 2002, 10 years after its inception, the California court has finally recognized the right of the group to sign "Machine head" (but still had doubts before ,musicians " stripped " to its name with the famous composition "Deep purple").

In the summer, headlining the team performed in the framework of the European tour in support of the first live album the group "Ten ton hammer". Shortly before Arya Laster parted with "Machine head", and the resulting " hole " temporarily gagged Phil Demmelom.

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