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Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Place of Birth : Austin, s New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


The project "Method of destruction", better known as "M.O.D.", was founded by former vocalist "Stormtroopers of death" Billy Milano. Billy decided to repeat the success of studio work " Stormtroopers of Death" After his former colleagues guitarist Scott Ian and drummer Charlie Benante returned to the " Anthrax ", and bassist Dan Lilker organized team thrash " Nuclear assault "." M.O.D. " continued " sodovskie " hardcore tradition, adding to a little metal.

Preserved as a kind of " poetry " of Milano. Incidentally,in the original lineup included vocalist except Makmatri Tim (guitar) , Ken cylinder (bass) and Keith Davis (drums) . After the release of their debut album "U.S.A. for M.O.D.", which was co-produced by none other than Scott Ian, he broke a terrible scandal in the press. Journalists were quick to stick a label Milano fascist because the texts of some songs. The singer stubbornly refused this and explained that it was just a joke. The scandal, in principle, could be even more if the last moment of the album has not withdrawn the song "Death to Hindus" (" The Death of the Indians ") . Nevertheless, the resulting publicity was enough to for a while to stop the sale of records in England.

M.O.D.In early 1988, the band broke up, because all three colleagues Milano decided to stir up a new project "America`s choice". Billy also retains the right to the name "M.O.D.". It did not take much time, as the balloon Makmatri and again returned to him. Also in 1988, the group made a very successful US tour as headliners ,with very strong support from the "Exodus". There were, of course, without any trouble. At one of the concerts Makmatri, overdone in steydzhdayving and broke his leg. Shaw nevertheless continued guitarist playing while sitting in a wheelchair. Another time Ballon managed to break his arm, and there`s no replacement has not done.His place before the end of the tour took the former bassist "Chemical waste" John Mont. By mid-year composition "M.O.D." It has been radically updated.

Now with Milano played Montt, former guitarist "Zoetrope" Louis Svitek and drummer Tim Mallar. It is true the last two in 1990, left the band, as decided to establish a "Mindfunk",received major kontraktot "Epic Records". Svitek later played in the "Ministry", and Mallar - in "Overkill" and "Bronx casket co".

M.O.D. 1996 album "Dictated Aggression", released under the guise of "M.O.D.", was essentially a solo performance Milano. He was only slightly helped the guitarist "Kill Billys" Joe Young and drummer Dave Chavarri. On one track ,"Just Been Fired" and "guest " vocalist " Headlock " Bob McLean. In the late `90s for a while Milan went into a revived "S.O.D.", and after the next collapse of the latter in the company of guitarist Joe Effom again revived "M.O.D.", which now has a new transcript - "Milano`s on drugs". In the ensuing tour, abbreviated izMilano illness, took guitar part "Dying fetus" Sparky Voyles.

In early 2002, the singer announced the next reincarnation of a group of guitarist Paul Crook and bassist Scott Metaxas.

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