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Baby Name Linley Bomer lawfully may request that her birthday is celebrated twice a year.

Her appearance on `natural svet` occurred after 12 weeks of field, as it is for the time taken away from the mother`s womb - for emergency surgery.

Doctors discovered a tumor on his tailbone unborn baby Margaret Bomer, when his mother took a normal ultrasound at 16 weeks of gestation.

The only hope for salvation Linley became a medical procedure that required the surgeon to open the uterus and remove the 535 g baby for the 20-minute operation, which depended on the life of a daughter Margaret.

Rescue operation is successful, then Lynley went safely `dozrevat` in the womb, and her mother` zashili` uterus.

Margaret kept to bed and gave birth at 12 weeks after surgery, about 36 weeks of pregnancy - almost to full term. A tiny girl, named Linley Hope, was born for the second time - by Caesarean section.

At birth Linley weighed 2.4 kg; after the baby was examined, it was sent to the children to other newborns.

Margaret, a resident of Plano, Texas (Plano, Texas), feared the worst-case scenario, when the US had disappointing results.

She recalls: `Doctors have found something on the scan, and one of them came up to me and said that our baby in serious trouble. She spoke of the coccyx teratome`.

`It is shocking and frightening, because we do not understand what it means is a difficult phrase. We did not understand what was behind these diagnozom`.

Teratoma (germ cell tumor) - the most common form of cancer in infants, according to Dr. Darrell Cass, co-director of the Texas Children`s Fetal Center and associate professor of surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology at Baylor College of Medicine.

`Despite the fact that this is the most common form of all, that we are facing, teratoma still found enough redko`, - said Dr. Cass.

The cause of tumor formation is unknown. Girls teratoma occurs four times more often than boys. Tumor growth was observed in only one case 30-70 thousand infants.

Sometimes doctors can delay the operation until the birth of the child, but in the case of `grozilas` Linley tumor to metastasize through the bloodstream, so that intervention was required urgently.

Dr. Cass says: `In some cases, win the tumor, and the heart simply can not function properly; failure of the heart leads to rebenka` death.

As the tumor continued to grow, Lynley`s health was undermined more and more, until the doctors decided to operate.

One of the options considered was abortion. In fact, Margaret initially expected twins, one of whom lost before the second trimester.

Linley`s mother said: `My daughter had little chance. At week 23, the tumor began to block the blood flow to the heart, which is why heart failure developed. Chances of survival became the procedure for extracting the tumor. This could save my doch`.

`For us to give the green light to such an operation was not an easy decision. But we wanted to give our daughter zhizn`.

By the time the surgeons got `green svet`, Linley was almost 24 weeks. The tumor has reached almost the same size as that of the child.

The operation lasted for five hours, but Dr. Cass explains: `The procedure took place with the result of very, very quickly. On the child had spent only 20 minut`.

A lot of time it took to uterine incision to reach the embryo. After surgeons removed Lynley, it was literally suspended in the air to remove the teratoma.

`In fact, the fruit was outside, almost completely, - said Dr. Cass. - All amniotic fluid merged that, in fact, looked pretty problematichno`.

During surgery, the heart Linley has slowed, but continued to support experts in the life of the girl, until the surgeon removed most of the tumor. Then, the state of crumbs stabilized.

Once the tumor was removed, Linley was placed back into the uterus, which is stitched - `sealed, made of waterproof, as it was vozmozhno`.

`This is nothing but a miracle when you can not open the uterus, as in our case, and then seal it with all the back and at the same time everything starts to work as prezhde`, - said Dr. Cass.

On the eighth day after the `second appearance on svet` Linley faced with another test on the operating table. The surgeons had to remove small pieces of tumor, which failed to reach the first time. In addition, it was found that the residual teratoma had time to grow up.

A few weeks later, when the condition has stabilized Linley, Margaret was allowed to take the child home.

`In fact, my daughter was born for the second time, - Margaret says. - I was ready to take any risk in order to give her a chance to zhizn`.