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Date of Birth: 1955

Age: 60

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The most influential thinker in Britain in 2011

Lynda Gratton, the eldest of four children, was born in February 1955 and in Liverpool, England (Liverpool, England). She has received a scientific degree in psychology and then earned a doctorate in the University of Liverpool (Liverpool University). After studying Linda began her career in the airline `British Airways`, where she worked as the chief psychologist. In 1982, she moved to the consulting firm `PA Consulting Group`, where she became Director of Human Resources.

In 1989 began an academic career Gratton - from the position of Assistant Professor at the London Business School (London Business School). In 2004, she was appointed a senior fellow at the British Institute of advanced management practices (AIMP). In 2006 he founded and Gratton led the Lehman Centre for Women in Business (LCWB) at the London School of Business.

In 2005, Linda initiated a special research and consulting team `Hot Spots Movement`, looking for areas of common scientific and business circles. In October 2009, the team launched an international project `Future of Work Research Consortium`, before which a challenge was set: to predict how it will look in the operating mode of 2020-2030, and explain how organizations adapt to stay relevant and successful. .

Gratton continues to work as a consultant with a number of the largest companies in the world, including `Unilever`,` Shell` and `Vodafone`. Currently, she is a member of the jury responsible for awarding the prizes` Business Book goda` from the newspaper `Financial Times` and financial conglomerate` Goldman Sachs`.

In 2008, the newspaper `Financial Times` Gratton called` business thinker who is likely to achieve tangible results in the next desyatiletiya`. In 2011, Linda has become one of the top 15 business thinkers in the world. In the same year she topped the list of 25 `most influential thinkers Velikobritanii` magazine`s `Human Resources`.

In 2000, Gratton has published his work entitled `Living Strategy`. Since then, the book has been translated into more than 15 languages. This work describes how employees of companies must implement corporate goals, and why organizations should empower and feature list of its personnel. As a real-world examples Linda examines the company`s history `Hewlett-Packard`,` Motorola` and `Glaxxo Welcome`.

In 2002 statyaGretton `Integration predpriyatiya` (` Integrating the Enterprise`), which discussed the joint strategy, was selected the best articles of the year according to the magazine and the website `MIT Sloan Management Review`. In 2003, Linda has published `The Democratic Enterprise`, which the newspaper` Financial Times` called work, where fascinating form presented, how to change the company over the next decades.

The book `Hot Spots` Gratton was named the newspaper` Financial Times` one of the most important books on business topics of 2007. Since then, the work has been translated into more than 10 languages. Among other things, Gratton published book `Glow` and` The Shift`. In the latter takes a look at the future, perhaps the introduction of innovative research within the project `Future of Work Research Consortium`.

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