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Date of Birth: 01/26/1951

Age: 65

Place of birth: Leon

Citizenship: Mexico


This actress, who is always looking for something new to his audience ...

Woman, always going forward and not pasuyuschaya at nothing ...

Woman, woven of charm, beauty, sensuality, temptation:

It`s Lucia.

Unique star in every sense of the word. Great actress.

Aldo Magallanes Favero ( "Opinion" magazine)

Lucia Mendez Leticia Perez (Lucia Mendez) was born on January 26 in the city of Leon of the Mexican state of Guanajuato. She is the eldest daughter in a family of chemical engineer Antonio Mendez and Velasco Dona Marta Ofelia Perez Mendez. In addition to Lucia Don Antonio and Dona March raised two sons, Carlos Antonio and Jorge Abraham, and daughter Martha Minerva. It tells the Dona Marta Lucia childhood was hyper-active and very creative child. Therefore, at the age of 8 years old girl was sent to study at the Academy of Fine Arts - an educational institution that issued from its walls a whole galaxy of prominent figures of Mexican art. A few months after entering the Academy Lucia delivers the first in his life creative examination - work in the theater play "Under the umbrella". With 9 years it begins to a child`s morning radio program "Early Riser".

But Don Antonio dreaming of another career for her daughter, so Lucia sent to Pennsylvania to study English philology. From the US, it is returned with the diploma of the teacher of English language and a strong desire to continue performing career. With the unconditional support of my mother Lucia is taking its first steps in the adult world of show business.

New offer to play on the theatrical stage Mendes gets in 1972, immediately after becoming the winner of the contest "The most beautiful face of the year", announced respectable Mexican edition of "Heraldo". For his work in the play "Nothing about sex, because we are innocent" Lucia Mendez receives several awards theater critics as the best actress of the year, and as the "discovery of the year". In the same 1972 Lucia first appeared in films in a pair with a popular Mexican actor Valentin Trujillo. But the real success brings her second film role in the movie of the great Mexican comedian Cantinflas "The minister and I have." Simultaneously with these works Lucia appears in small roles on television and in advertising Nescafe.

"The first telenovela in which I starred, was" The Italian girl is going to marry, "where I came out from behind a tree Then there were." The letters without address ": but only 10 lots, and, finally," Earth ", where Ernesto Alonso believed in me and gave me a role in the 100 series ", - says Lucia Mendez.

In parallel with the shooting in movies and telenovelas Lucia is on TV night show "Maestra Mendes", which is attended by Mexican actors of the first magnitude. The show is a huge success as the audience and critics.

In 1975 Lucia again removed together with Valentin Trujillo in the film "Stranger", where they performed a duet song in the style of "ranchers" called "new love". Hearing the manner of performance of Lucia, one of the most talented Mexican composer Juan Gabriel wrote for her song "I always think of you." The decision to start singing career was given Lucia is not easy: at a certain pressure on the part of Dona Marta and Juan Gabriel, to convince Lucia that the tessitura of her voice is consistent with songs written in the folk style. When Lucia finally performed ranchers, written by Juan Gabriel, it became clear that on the Mexican stage lit a new star.

During the six years of work in film and three-year performance of folk music (1972-1978 biennium) Lucia Mendez has firmly taken the position of one of the most talented and successful actresses of the new generation of Mexican art. To place as a wholly-owned star, it lacked only one thing - the success in the telenovela, which would have made her a popular name among the broad masses of viewers. And this success came to her with a starring role in the TV series "Vivian", Lucia Mendez has brought fame not only in Mexico but also in other Latin American countries.

At the turn of 70-80 years. Lucia appears before the public in two papers, after which it begin to talk about as an actress, breaking the circuit. This quality is still and remains one of the most important in determining the specificity of the actor Lucia Mendez. In 1979, Mendes was withdrawn from Arturo Ripstein in the film "Illegal", tells the story of Mexican refugee in the United States (the prize for best actress of the year: "Heraldo", "Aztec Calendar"). And in 1980 Lucia Mendez the first time in the history of Mexican television plays the role of a prostitute in the TV series "Kolorina". Up to this point never demi woman does not become the main heroine of telenovelas.

While working on "Colorino" Lucia approaches the Spanish composer Camilo Sesto, who wrote the theme song of the series. Camillo offers Lucia musical Role change and go to perform folk music to modern ballads. Cooperation with Camilo Sesto 180 degrees turns music career Lucia Mendez: for years it becomes a performer of lyrical music.

At the same time, Lucia was withdrawn in the film based on the novel Tulio Demichelli "Twisted lines god of fate," which again received awards for best actress of the year.

In 1983, another Spanish composer - Honorio Herrera - Lucia writes for You "in love", and in 1984 Lucia announced the best singer in Latin America for a couple with her godfather in music - Juan Gabriel.

The fame and recognition of creative achievements Lucia Mendez has long overcome the limits of the Mexican border. In 1984, Lucia becomes the first Latin American star, awarded the honor of being predstavlennoyv Hollywood Wax Museum, as Time magazine called it "the most prominent Latin American actress." An interesting fact is that until now Lucia Mendez and remains the only Latino in this famous museum.

She is often invited to be a jury member of various international music competitions and beauty pageants. So, she is a member of the jury of the contest "Miss Universe" in 1984, held in Miami, while she continues to work as a fashion model for magazine Cosmopolitan, Harper`s Bazaar, Vogue, Vanidades and others.

At the end of the year Mendes gets an offer to star in the telenovela "No one but you." As the theme song of the telenovela is chosen the song "Stone Heart" from the album "Only One Woman", written and produced by Honorio Herrera. "Stone Heart", 45 weeks, holding the leading position in the Billboard charts, Mendez brings the first nomination for a Grammy Award. Demonstration of the novel takes place simultaneously in Mexico, the United States, several Latin American countries and Germany. The success of the audience is so large that Time magazine defines this series as the most significant for the Spanish-speaking public event in the world of show business. Rating "Nobody but you" in the United States the same high as in the famous "Dynasty" and "Dallas." From Germany comes a proposal to record a few songs in the national style for the local market.

Finished filming "Nobody but You" and releasing another "golden" disc in collaboration with Honorio Herrera, Lucia Mendez went to Los Angeles to study acting.

She is talented, young, rich, beautiful, still full of illusions. She still is free: She is the most enviable bride Latin America. Speaking of those years Lucia said that she was very absorbed in his career, so I think that is probably no longer marry.

Lucia lives in Beverly Hills, persistently studying: She offers scripts in Hollywood, however: "A lot of sensuality course, I have nothing against beautiful body on the screen, but I would like to do something more historically significant than just fold clothes. in front of the camera".

It is called a perfectionist, and perhaps precisely because of this quality Mendes career in Hollywood did not take place. From Mexico came the interesting offers to act in films, telenovelas. Staying in Los Angeles, Lucia loses her job at home. In the end, Mendes has signed a contract to shoot the film "Magic. Part II" in a pair with Ernesto Alonso, as well as the lead role in the TV series "Strange Return of Diana Salazar". That`s when Hollywood sent her the script, she was waiting for, living for months in Los Angeles. It was the first trap in the still fairly smooth career Lucia Mendez. In desperation, not knowing what to do, Mendes leaving home in Leon, where trying to come to terms with the idea that she did not have a little patience. But she does not break contracts for more favorable offer. And this is another inherent quality of Lucia Mendez - true to his word. Quality, which has repeatedly prevented her in her life, but which speaks so much about her personality.

Perhaps that is the way it should have happened in the biography of Lucia. She found herself in Hollywood, but after returning home, she found her "soul mate" - a brilliant producer and director Pedro Torres. Meeting with Pedro makes a big difference in her life. Now it takes major decisions, he is looking for contracts, he cares about the image of Lucia. Together they are "open" era of video clips in Mexico, removed the best social advertising. He teaches her directing. Next to him, Lucia becomes softer and more open.

But who will allow them to be as happy and successful? "Yellow" press actively discusses her plastic surgery to change the shape of the nose and the image created by the actress in "the country of return of Diana Salazar". The heroine with "yellow eyes", is engaged in parapsychology and possessing extrasensory abilities, leads journalists to "brilliant" idea of ??connection Lucia Mendez with the drug mafia and the sect "The messengers of the devil." Often remember and one of the latest musical hits Lucia - "Punish me", of course, along with the works of Freud and the term "sublimation".

Only much later in an interview, she acknowledged how much it hurt all these articles, she was crying and could not understand why it chose the target of such criticism. At that the journalist, who got the interview, replied that it is because of too much popularity, too bright individuality and absolute otherness to other Latin American stars.

1988 - the year of birth only son of Lucia and Pedro. The boy is given the name of Pedro Antonio Torres Mendez after his father and grandfather, Don Antonio. Godfather Pedro Antonio becomes Juan Gabriel. Up until 1990, Mendes has not acted in films and on television, not touring. she recorded just one album, "Dark Moon" Over these two years. On set footage to the new drive they always see the three of us - Lucia, Pedro and little Pedro Antonio.

In 1990, Lucia returns to the home screen of Mexicans in the new telenovela "Draw love", and the audience is high-class musical show "Cabaret Night". With this program, with the support of Coca-Cola, the person that she was for a long time, Lucia makes a sold-out world tour in Mexico, the USA, South America, Israel, Lebanon.

By the time of arrival of Lucia in Lebanon in the country has just ended the war. On the road, a few minutes before approaching the vehicle with Lucia, terrorists exploded a bomb. Never before Lucia was not so bad, but it`s not for a moment cut his speech and still remembers it as the most wonderful concert by the reception that was given to her audience. In Lebanon Mendes gets the title of "Messenger of Peace".

In 1992, Lucia recorded a new album, "Kiss me", which later formed the basis of the music of one of the most successful commercial projects Lucia - series "El Mariel". "El Mariel" was also one of the most serious challenges in her life. On participation in the company`s novel Telemundo insisted Pedro. Lucia is the exclusive Televisa actress, turned to the owner of the lord Askaraga to allow filming abroad. Permission was granted, but Askaraga put two conditions: "It must be good stuff, Lucia, because you should take care of his career, and not allowing them to sell the company`s novel Yunivison, because I want to buy Telemundo".

It has been six months. "Mariel" Success in the south of the US except hysteria is not known: all women, young and old, as well as transvestites, wearing the characteristic red dress and style your hair in a pony.

Studio not filmed yet, and half of the material, when Lucia Askaraga phoned and said that instead he bought Telemundo Yunivison. new condition was put before Mendes: "You`re leaving a job" Marielene "and come back to Mexico, and we will no longer give you the screen." "But Chuck, - said Lucia, - I can not leave the telenovela, which has not been completed I can not betray colleagues and the audience.". "OK! You made your choice," - she received in response.

From that moment on Lucia Mendez hit the "black" lists of Televisa. This meant a complete information vacuum in Mexico, where Televisa owned 90% of all media. It also meant that she had "taken away" about 50% of the entire Latin American market. Songs Lucia ceased to sound on the radio, her photographs no longer appear in the newspapers, it did not exist for television, the hallmark of which Mendes was not so long ago. But she still had Pedro, son, Telemundo and boundless love of the public.

At the end of filming "Marielene", received another nomination for a Grammy for the ballad "All over," Lucia begins to re-build their lives away from Mexico.

That year, she had to move another blow - divorce with Pedro Torres. The official version - "we stopped loving each other." But relatives know what it is worth.

1993 in the biography of Lucia is significant in that in addition to creativity, it starts to do business - opens its cosmetic line for the production of shampoo, gel and soap brand LM: she was a single mother, and has to think about the future and the welfare of his son.

Parallel Mendez writes in his own studio in Miami the album "Forbidden," which Billboard magazine calls the best of all that Lucia ever did as a singer. But in Mexico, have a different opinion: criticism is competing with each other in writing damning articles. The same fate awaited the next disc Lucia - "temptation Senhora" drive, in which she performed all the best bolero great Augustin Lara. Why not just write about this album and as soon as it did not interfere with the spread on the market. Only four years later, when the situation in Mexico has changed dramatically, Universal journalist Mary Carmen Vasquez first dared to say that in fact "Senora Temptation" was an amazing album, and Lucia simply shone in a new role for itself bolero singer.

In parallel with the recording of the album "Senora Temptation" Lucia was withdrawn in the telenovela of the same name. Shooting took place in Puerto Rico with the participation of Telemundo and a local television companies. At this time, Telemundo has lost its leading position in the Spanish-speaking market in the US, shooting paired with a lot of difficulties, and most of the participants of the project does not like to remember the work in this series. But Lucia "Senora Temptation" was the transition stage to the roles of mature women, who so rarely are the heroines of the television series in Latin America. Along with Lucia in "Senora Temptation" was filmed and Pedro Antonio.

Expected in the US ratings "Senora Temptation" has not brought, but when the novel was brought to Mexico and shown on the newly created 13 new television channel of Television Azteca, she has broken all records of popularity of spectator. Mexicans missed Lucia Mendez, they dream about her return to the country. Mendes from this point on was referred to as "Senora Temptation".

Television Azteca - Mexican new type of television, which tends to break the monopoly Televisa, begins to negotiate an exclusive contract with this company Lucia. After several meetings with the producer Epigmenio Ibarra, and ending at the Paramount shooting in the mini-series "Confetti", Lucia became an actress of TV Azteca. This gives her the opportunity to return to their homeland, and TV Azteca "punch" name "Lucia Mendez" global television market.

All seemingly are better than ever: Lucia can work again in Mexico, thanks to the new government headed by Ernesto Sediyo changing political and economic situation in the country, democratization processes involve not only the political sphere, but show business, including television . With the death of Askaraga Televisa sells part of his property, there are more independent press, TV production Aztecs is an increasingly serious competition Televisa production. Lucia like this new Mexico, it takes an active part in the League of activists fighting for the rights of women. Press jokingly wrote that Mendez could well become the future president of the country. She was nice, but she thinks that it is too much can give the country as an actress.

She is waiting for his novels and their film on TV Azteca. Meanwhile, time is running out and none of the promised her roles in production does not start. She is forced to decline the offer to play on Broadway, because that is about to begin shooting: She lays up to better times shared with Anthony Quinn film project about the life of Leo Tolstoy: "True to her word," as the press writes, she always breaks the contract with the now and waiting for the producers end up playing each other the main prize - the right to take it in his telenovela.

Finally, after a series of already announced, but never filmed TV series, after two years from the date of conclusion of the contract the hostess of TV Azteca Elisa Salinas wins this battle for Lucia Mendez and becomes the producer of her new telenovela. Filming is scheduled for August 1998

In January 1998, Lucia, together with producer and virtuoso guitarist Chamina Correa begins to select material for a new disc bolero, and look for a new role among the 100 sent to her libretto telenovelas.

July 1998 becomes the date of return to the screens, radio and in the hearts of the audience of the brightest stars of the Mexican past decades - Lucia Mendez.

She came back, returned again to become the first among persistently criticized, others infinitely adorable. She came back to prove to everyone that some hastened to call her "the star of the sunset." She put everything at stake in order to, in the end, get the "all or nothing". No wonder this name was chosen for the latest on the date disc Lucia.

The disc bolero recorded under the direction of Chamina Correa, has been enthusiastically received by critics and took the lead of the charts and sales rankings.

The role of Sofia Gutierrez in the telenovela "Thrice Sofia" was another achievement Mendez, introducing a new actress Mexico: more mature, more restrained in the manner of the game, more subtle.

Its success is undeniable. According to opinion polls, every second viewer calls return Lucia Mendez on the screens of the most important event of the year. It is so popular that the decision to make a doll Lucia for "Peluches" program, which has so far participated only puppets of politicians. Rival Lucia for the hearts of the audience, whose doll also decided to include in the program "Peluches", becomes a young star Thalia. And it is a sign - generation Lucia Mendez has long played the role of age, came a new talented young people, and only Lucia Mendez on - still - Star c1, as well as twenty-five years ago, at the beginning of his career.

Journalists struggle with solving the mystery of her success. How to become a star? And why Lucia Mendez has become a star?

"Her secret is not only in its beauty, as well as in the constant struggle for daily training, in her mind. Features that were with her, were also others, but unlike the others, she was able to take advantage of them. Unlike other it is not stopped in its development, not "frozen", admiring himself and his success.

She has always distinguished its own strategy and creative concept, focusing more on the progressive values ??of the United States and Europe, rather than on the traditional values ??of Latin America "That is why in Mexico believe that Lucia Mendez -. Is an actress, breaking the circuit.

She was the first who played the role of a prostitute in the Latin American television, she was the first affected by AIDS on television, first played the mistress of a married man, lifted her to the rank of a positive character. The name Lucia Mendez associated beginning of the era of video clips in Mexico.

But very few know about the existence of "Leticia Mendes, the woman unsure of herself and jerking fears and concerns." However, Lucia Mendez, an actress, a stronger character and more confident. And although she too is going through, she would never show.

"I`m just blocked, so that no one could so easily hurt me because when hurt Lucia, also hurt and Leticia -. A person, that Leticia, without which it could not exist Lucia Mendes."

After all, first of all, there is a woman, Leticia, who suffered, because I could not find happiness, could not find a man who would love and who could understand me. More than fame always meant stability and inner peace for me. Previously, it was a very sad woman who was afraid of being alone and was lonely. Now I have a son.

Leticia is at home, in his house, to give strength to Lucia Mendez. And that, in turn, brings satisfaction Leticia. They are friends and are implemented together, hand in hand. Always alone together. "

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