Lupita Nyond`o

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Date of birth: 01.03.1983

Age: 33

Place of birth: Mexico City

Nationality: Kenya

Patsy of "12 years of slavery"

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Website: Celebrities

Lupita was born in Mexico City, Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico); her father was a teacher of the college, who later became a politician in Kenya. Nyong`o - descendant peoples Luo; the representatives of the people are called children in connection with recent events. Nyong`o bestowed the name `Lyupita` essentially became diminutive of` Gvadelupa` (Guadalupe).

At the time of birth Nyong`o her father worked in one of the colleges of Mexico; he played here with lectures on political science. In Mexico, his family lived for 3 years; Nyong`o later briefly moved to New York City (New York), and then returned to Kenya (Kenya). At the time of his return to Kenya Lyupite was less than a year. her father received a post at the University of Nairobi; Lupita grew up just in Kenya - in the family is not very rich, but not too poor. In 16 years, 7 months Nyong`o sent to Mexico to learn Spanish.

Lyupite family went to a highly artistic; at family gatherings are often arranged a kind of theater, and in a real theater of the family is often chosen. Already at school in Kenya Nyong`o time to try his hand as an actress; 14 Lupita first performed as a professional actress - she got the role of Juliet in Romeo and `Dzhuletta` local troupe. With the same troupe Lupita still managed to play in a number of productions; partly on its subsequent career choice influenced by a successful debut, in part - the game Whoopi Goldberg (Whoopi Goldberg) and Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey) in the movie `The Color Purple poley` (` The Color Purple`).

After studies in Nairobi Nyong`o entered the American College; graduating and receiving a degree in film and theater Lupita began to actively participate in the filming. She had a chance to take part in a number of film projects - like `devotee sadovnik` (` The Constant Gardener`), `T

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