Luke Evans

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Date of Birth: 04/15/1979

Age: 37

Place of birth: Pontypool

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Who played Zeus in "War of the Gods"?

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Born and raised in the Evans Aberbargoed, Caerphilly, Wales (Aberbargoed, Caerphilly, Wales); He was the only child of Yvonne (Yvonne) and David Evans (David Evans). Luke grow in line with the spirit of Jehovah`s Witnesses religion, though already 16 years old Evans religion (as well as the school) scored. In 17 years, Luc moved to Cardiff (Cardiff), where he studied for some time under the Ryan Louise (Louise Ryan), the well-known specialist in vocal skills. In 1997, Evans won a scholarship to London`s center `The London Studio Centre in Kings Cross`. Graduated studies Luke in 2000.

In the period from 2007 to 2008 the Evans managed to play in a number of large West endskih productions such as `La Cava`,` Tabu` ( `Taboo`),` Renta` ( `Rent`),` Miss Saygon` ( `Miss Saigon`) and` Avenue Q`; In addition, Evans landed roles in a number of London productions and has performed at the Edinburgh Festival (Edinburgh Festival).

The largest theater his role the actor was in 2008 - he was asked to play Vincent (Vincent) directed by Peter Gill (Peter Gill) `Small Change`, held at the Donmar Warehouse. The role brought Luke real popularity; the actor began to address representatives of the American actor`s agency and recruiters from various film projects. Until the end, Luke had a chance to once again play in the Donmar Warehouse, this time directed by `Piaf`.

At the first audition to the film, Luke was in a relatively solid age - 30 years. His first film role was Evans in 2009 - he played in the movie Apollo `Battle titanov` (Clash of the Titans). That same year, the actor landed the role of Clive (Clive) in the movie `Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll` (` Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll`) Matt Whitecross (Matt Whitecross) and one of the bandits Sheriff of Nottingham (Sheriff of Nottingham) in `Robin Gud` (` Robin Hood`). Many also remember the role of Luke Evans in the film `Irresistible Tamara` (` Tamara Drewe`) - adaptation of Posy Simmonds comic (Posy Simmonds).

At the beginning of 2010, Luke Evans landed a starring role in the next film; director of the independent project `Flutter` made Dzhillz Borg (Giles Borg).

In 2011, Luke Evans won the role of Craig Stokes (Craig Stokes) in the film `Without kompromissov` (` Blitz`); with him in the film starring Jason Statham (Jason Statham) and Paddy Considine (Paddy Considine).

In 2010, as Luke Evans starred in another film adaptation of the classic adventure novel `Three mushketera` (` The Three Musketeers`); I played in a new interpretation of the familiar scene over the actor Aramis. Later, he landed the role of Zeus (Zeus) in an epic work of Tarsem Singh (Tarsem Singh) `War of the Gods: Bessmertnye` (` Immortals`). At the end of 2010, Luke got the role in the film `Voron` (` The Raven`); with Evans in the film starred John Cusack (John Cusack), a party of Lucas originally intended Jeremy Renner (Jeremy Renner). The film was released in 2012 and narrated about a detective investigating a murder in America of the 19th century in the company of Edgar Allan Poe (Edgar Allan Poe).

In 2011, Evans starred in the psychological thriller Ryuhei Kitamura (Ryuhei Kitamara) `Nobody vyzhil` (` No One Lives`); in the same year, the actor landed a role in the new epic saga of Peter Jackson (Peter Jackson) `Hobbit` (` The Hobbit`); he had to play the archer Bard (Bard the Bowman). In 2013, Evans played a negative character in the movie `Fast and Furious 6` ( `Fast & Furious 6`).

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