Luigi Vannucchi

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Date of Birth: 11/25/1930

Age: 47

Place of birth: Caltanissetta

Citizenship: Italy


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Childhood and adolescence

Luigi Vannucci (sometimes his name in Russian interpretation sounds like Vannuchi) was born in Italy, in the Sicilian city of Caltanissetta in the cultural family. Luigi was three years old when his family moved in search of work in Rome. Here and spent his childhood.

In school, Luigi was most interested in literature and poetry. After school, seventeen youth enrolled in the Academy of national drama in Rome. During his studies he has proved promising, budding student.


In 1952, Luigi Vannucci graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Rimei joined the troupe of the "National Theatre" Vittorio Gassman and Luigi Skvartsiny. Here he received the first lot of experience performing in productions of "Hamlet," "Antigone" and others.

In 1954, Luigi Vannucci joined the troupe of the New Theatre Gianfranco de Bozo. The actor took part in several productions, and went on tour in South America. In 1956 he starts working with Memo Benassi in the Company`s regional emilyanskogo Theatre with the play "Inquisition" Diego Fabri and "Geda Gabler" by Henrik Ibsen. Then, from 1957 worked as an actor at the Maly Theatre of Milan, which is remembered for his role as Florindo in the play "Servant of Two Masters."

TV and movie

Popularity to Luigi Vannucci came in the 60s, when he began to take part in TV movies such as "My Girl" Mario Landi,

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