Lui Napoleon Boanapart

Picture of Lui Napoleon Boanapart

Date of Birth: 04/20/1808

Age: 64

Citizenship: France


Napoleon Bonaparte, as the true head of the Corsican clan, was personally involved in tupping and viscous pedigreed people in dynastic forms. His stepdaughter Hortense, daughter of Josephine de Beauharnais, Napoleon planned married to his own younger brother, Louis. Brother at the time was in the position of the Dutch king.

Obstinate Louis did not want to marry Hortense he simply did not like. But to argue his brother, whose name is Napoleon - it will not turn into quarreling. The wedding was played. According to the laws of nature from this marriage in 1808 was born Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte Jr.

Blood-grandmother and mulatto-Corsican Pope promised baby sultry southern beauty. But Napoleon, Jr. appeared in poor health and disease. But the circumstances of his birth heralded a very difficult life.

Since 1815 the nephew of ousted uncle was in exile. When the son of Napoleon to the Austrian princess, the Duke of Reichstadt, Bonapartists began to consider his uncle`s nephew as a legitimate contender for the French (not vacant) died in 1832. throne.

The intoxicating smell and taste the authorities did not give the younger Napoleon rest. Twice - in 1836 and in Strasbourg in 1840 in Boulogne - he tried to raise a rebellion Bonapartist. After the second was captured, tried and sentenced to life imprisonment. After serving in the not too harsh conditions for six years, he escaped from prison in England usual.

When in February 1848 has fallen down in France ostochertevshie people mercenary mode "King-pear" Louis Philippe d`Orleans, Napoleon, Jr. was right there. Depreciation health and teeth ate at the intrigues of 40-year-old has managed to achieve a demagogue elected himself president of the Second Republic. On the bleak beskandidate Napoleon Jr. seemed fresh political fish.

Exactly one year after the election of Napoleon, Jr., following the example of his uncle, he gave his own "18 Brumaire" - razognalZakonodatelnoe meeting and established a regime of personal power. A year later was crowned, was the Emperor Napoleon III and proclaimed the Second Empire in France.

Bonapartist blood and vocation, he desperately maneuvered in foreign and domestic policy. Domestically, some choked, she fed the other, even cared for the poorest segments of the population. Constructed specific mode poluliberalizma relying on a powerful machine of violence and press censorship. I tried to let the steam out of passion - got into a colonial adventure in Syria, Mexico and Indochina, in alliance with Britain to push my way Russia in the Crimean War.

As a human being, Napoleon III was linked only to his wife, beauty-Spaniard Eugenia Montijo, whom he married in 1853-m, and which was younger than his 18 years. Mysterious role in their marriage played the story of the golden ring of Josephine de Beauharnais, whether someone is given as a gift to someone, or someone who has stolen something. The romantic version is that it is on this family ring on the finger of a young unknown young Spaniard Louis Napoleon saw the light in it his future wife.

... September 2, 1870, Napoleon III of, quite sick and crippled (he suffered from kidney disease), together with the French army surrendered to the Prussians at the Battle of Sedan. It was total, irreparable ruin it all started.

The main significant monument to the era of Napoleon III - 20-franc coin, containing 5.8 grams of pure gold, with a profile of the emperor on the reverse, the so-called "Napoleons". Minted they became more at his uncle, but more reminiscent of her nephew.

French shrewdness noticed: as soon as the French Empire, the first all very well, and then everything is very bad. Since then, they do not give birth to empires. They now numbered entirely Republic - The third, fourth, fifth ... On the break the German occupation and the interim government of de Gaulle.