Ludwig Bamberger

Picture of Ludwig Bamberger

Date of Birth: 07/22/1823

Age: 75

Place of birth: Mainz

Citizenship: Germany


Ludwig Bamberger (Ludwig Bamberger) was born in 1823 in Mainz, Germany (Mainz, Germany), in a Jewish family.

During the outbreak in 1848 of the bourgeois revolution, Bamberger took it the hottest part, becoming one of the activists. He was at that time one of the most popular speakers, as well as the editor of `Mainzer Zeitung`. Later, hiding from the Prussian police, Ludwig had to flee the country. He first fled to Switzerland, then moved to England and the Netherlands, in the end, being in Paris. Incidentally, it was there that he learned that his homeland was sentenced to death. Behind it was listed a number of political crimes - an insult to the National Assembly (Mainz jury sentenced him for it for 2 years in the fortress); participate in the organization of the rebel movement (8 years); Army insult (4 months); rebellion (the death penalty).

While Bamberger was in exile, he was actively studying banking, and, when it almost 20 years later he returned to Berlin, he was very serious economist. By the way, while living in Paris before Ludwig opened the doors of the best literary and political salons, Bambergenra and friends were well-known politicians, writers and poets.

After the amnesty of 1866 Bamberger returned to Mainz, and in 1868 he was elected to Parliament; however, extreme Democrats openly called him a traitor and did agitate voters against him.

In 1870, Ludwig Bamberger was the founder of one of the pillars of the European economy - Berlin bank `Deutsche Bank`. Another founder was the Berlin banker Adelbert Delbruck (Adelbert Delbruck), the owner of the family bank `Delbrueck & Co`. It `Deutsche Bank` became the first bank to which the King of Prussia, Wilhelm I allowed to have the status of the company.

During the war of 1870-1871 was accompanied by Bamberger Bismarck (Otto von Bismarck) as an intermediary between the German Chancellor and the seal, he could then have a fairly significant services during the implementation of the Versailles negotiations.

Bamberger was elected from Mainz for the first German Reichstag, and very quickly became one of the most respected leaders of the National Liberal Party (National Liberal Party); Its main contribution is the financial issues. In addition, it has become over time a leading expert on the economy, Bamberger was known as a respected and persuasive speaker. Between government liberalism Bamberger consistently supported Bismarck, but later he joined the ranks of the opposition, and even later, in a speech to the electors of Mainz in June 1878 year, Bismarck denounced treason Liberal Party.

Ludwig Bramberger withdrew from politics in 1892, he died March 14, 1899 in Berlin.

Ludwig Bamberger - the author of many books and articles, among them - the famous series of `Mr. de Bismarck `,` Deutschland und der Sozialismus `,` Deutschtum und Judentum `and many others.