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Date of Birth: 06/03/1979

Age: 37

Place of birth: Saint-Claude

Citizenship: France


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Ludivine Sagnier (Ludivine Sagnier, 3.06.1979) - French actress and model; since the beginning of his cinematic career in the 1989th had time to play in the thirty-three films. Double Award-nominated `` Sezar` a Best Supporting Actress plana` for his roles in films Basseyn` `(` Swimming Pool`) and `Family tayna` (` Un secret`).

Sagnier was born in Saint-Claude, the western suburbs of Paris. Exactly when she decided to become an actress, it is not precisely known; first her experience this as occurred in ten years. Ludivine attended drama school and while she studied at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. Her film debut was the picture of Thomas Pascal `Husbands, wives, lyubovniki` (` Les Maris, Les Femmes, Les Amants`) - the story of the summer holidays, in which parents behave like children, and children - like adults.

The next project was a picture of Sanya 1990 `Cyrano de Berzherak` (` Cyrano De Bergerac`) c Gerard Depardieu and Anne Brochet; He supervised the filming of a well-known at the time the author and director Jean-Paul Rapp. After a young actress for a while left the cinema and TV come to grips; She appeared in several television films and serials, such as `Holiday in chistilische` (` Vacances au purgatoire`), `Le Secret d`Iris` and` & # 192; nous deux la vie`. She returned to the cinema in Sanya 2000th, playing Anna, jealous girlfriend Franz out of the picture `Water Drops on Burning skalah` ( `Water Drops On Burning Rocks`). Following was a comedy by Ivan Attalus `My wife - aktrisa` (` My Wife is an Actress`) - one of the few paintings with Ludivine Sagnier, got on the American audience`s eyes.

In 2002, the Sanya second time in his career due to ozone and starred in a musical detective `Eight zhenschin` (` 8 Women`). There Sagnier played Catherine, the young daughter of the murdered patriarch of an abandoned manor in snowy rural areas in France, 1950. The actress was one of the eight actresses who played in the film is more or less important; she had to compete with `tyazhelovesami` as Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert and Emmanuelle Burt. Of course, she had a lot to do some fighting for the attention of the director; according to her, Ozone paid much more attention to the other actresses, many of whom did not even know really. Anyway, the European Academy of 2002 award went and Ludivine, so the time was not lost in vain.

Ozone is the third time invited to Sanya role in the psychological thriller `Basseyn`; Here she played the role of Julie, wild and seductive daughter of a publisher allowing his client to Sarah Morton (Charlotte Rampling role) to live in his country house to re-ignite the passion for writing. Instead, Sarah met with Julie, whose recklessness and sexuality thorough changes stoic and cold-blooded Englishwoman. In real life, Ludivine quite modest; a large part of the picture, however, her character either naked or barely dressed; of course, the actress did not immediately able to get used to it. However, after some time she was able to feel the way the heroine and skillfully played a role; critics unanimously praised the picture and Ludivine noticed internationally.

In 2003-th - have already moved to the United States - Sanya played her first role in a big budget Hollywood movie; this film was Peter Pen` `(` Peter Pan`), a role - the fairy Tinkerbell. Charges in the pictures were not particularly large, but Sanya permeated Hollywood atmosphere and reaffirmed his acting reputation.

The actress continues to act successfully and to this day; her most recent work - French-Canadian painting `Enemy of the State

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