Ludmila Zorina

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Date of Birth: 05/01/1941

Age: 75

Place of Birth: Saratov

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Andrew Puminov

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Name Lyudmila Zorina unlikely to say something most viewers, but few works of the actress were really bright. To talk about it in the first place as a wife, or rather, already a widow, the famous actor Oleg Yankovsky, and even the detractors of this pair can not deny that the family clan Jankowski was an unusual phenomenon in the actor`s environment.

Lyudmila - a native of Saratov, it was born before the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, May 1, 1941. Actress rarely remembers about his childhood, but it is obvious that it has been difficult, like all her peers. In 1959, after graduation, Lyudmila entered the Saratov Theatre School; became her mentor AG Wasilewski. A year later at the same school entered Oleg Yankovsky. Young men spotted each other at once - when Lyudmila learned already in the third year, a number of students the school was awarded a trip to Moscow, and from there they came back in love with each other, and soon married.

In 1964, after graduation, Lyudmila Zorina admitted to Saratov Drama Theater troupe, and soon became a celebrity (despite the fact that in 1968 she had a son Philip). The play with its participation guaranteed a full house. She played about fifty leading roles, among them - the hostess Natasha `104 pages about lyubov`, Smelskaya in` Talents and poklonnikah`, Nina `Maskarade`, other bright and imaginative character, and on their background theatrical successes Jankowski looked very modest . However, in 1968, on the road in Lviv, Oleg restaurant saw Vladimir Basov, select actors for the film `The Shield and mech`. The director said that Jankowski `absolutely Aryan vneshnost` and invited to the role of Heinrich Schwarzkopf. Immediately thereafter, the actor offered the role in the film `There were two tovarischa` where his partners were set Rolan Bykov and Vladimir Vysotsky. After the release of the film Jankowski decided to try his hand on the Moscow stage. Perhaps, in his quest to conquer the capital is not the last role was played by the unwillingness to be just `a husband that same Zorinoy`, but in 1973 Jankowski decided to move to Moscow. Ludmila went with her husband by sacrificing audience success and a brilliant career in his hometown.

The couple was taken to the troupe of the famous Lenkom. Professional skills and outstanding talent of Nina Zorina was in demand, and in the capital. She played in the performances of Mark Zakharov, who was forced to talk about himself all theatrical Moscow: `Autograd XXI`,` Til`, `A guy from our goroda`,` Revolutionary etyud`. Lyudmila Zorina rarely appear on the screen, but each of her role was very expressive and meaningful: Jack in the television drama `A guy from our city `(1978), Natasha, wife Makarova, who brilliantly played by Oleg Yankovsky in` Flying in dreams and reality `(1982 ), a small episode in the `Kreutzer sonate` (1987). But the star of Oleg Yankovsky flared brighter and brighter. He was a partner Ludmila in all performances, which she played, but now the public has come to the `Yankovskogo`; every year he starred in several films, many of which become events in the Soviet cinema. Lyudmila sincerely rejoice in the success and accomplishments of her husband. Their family was considered exemplary. Despite the fact that the popular and charming Jankowski is always surrounded by a crowd of fans and a lot of rumors that detractors did not miss the opportunity to convey to Ludmila, their marriage over the years become only stronger. Moreover, when Ludmila and Oleg became known that their son`s friend Oksana Fandera pregnant, they have insisted on immediate marriage, despite the fact that Philip is only 21 years old. This marriage was also very strong. Philip finished Moscow Art Theater School, became a film actor and director. He has a grown son, Ivan, continuing the tradition of acting family, and daughter Lisa, still a schoolgirl.

In 1999, Lyudmila was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. She rarely went out to the stage, her last work was the role in the stage adaptation of the Month `in derevne` (1998). She worked on the family, first of all, her beloved husband, not knowing what terrible ordeal prepares her destiny. Jankowski health deteriorated, and in summer 2008 it directly from a rehearsal was taken to the cardiology center where doctors diagnosed coronary heart disease. After treatment, the actor returned to his work, but soon the pain became unbearable. A more thorough investigation revealed that the famous actor has developed a cancer, and the process has gone too far. In January 2009, Jankowski went for treatment to a hospital in Essen (Germany), but the treatment of the famous specialist was inconclusive. The actor returned to Moscow and continued to go on stage. Between his last performance and the passing of `Zhenitba` (May 20 2009) was held just over a month.

Lyudmila currently has dedicated itself to the memory of her late husband. It collects materials about him, gives interviews for magazines and television. Much to her disappointment and her family delivered faulty rumor about the moral character of Oleg Yankovsky, problems in Philip`s family. Lyudmila Zorina achieved that with ether removed a scandalous transfer of defaming the memory of her late husband, and finds solace in the memory of the joint`s with him and cinematic successes of Ivan`s grandson.

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