Ludmila Tatarova-djigurda

Picture of Ludmila Tatarova-djigurda

Date of birth: 01.07.1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Sevastopol

Citizenship: Russia

Denis Matrosov abandoned his children!

Author: Valeria Rodionova

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- I was born in Sevastopol, and graduated from the Drama School in Dnepropetrovsk - the beginning of the story of Lyudmila. - One came on vacation to Moscow, to the friends of the Theatre of the Soviet Army. I was offered a "sound" in the company. I thought, "Why not?" The very next day I was taken to the state and soon allocated a room. Then she began to rent an apartment, and seven years ago thanks to the theater received their own homes. Moscow need to win all the time. No wonder they say that she does not believe in tears. I cried a lot, but also a lot plowed.

I know that shortly after moving to Moscow in the early `90s, in the theater you had a whirlwind romance with actor Denis Matrosov. Because of him crying?

- Once, during an argument Denis allowed himself to hit me. Actually, this was the last straw in a series of endless quarrels that occurred at the end of our relationship. I took the children and left.

Do you have children together? Strangely, Sailors never said that he has long been a pope.

- Probably not speak because he did not consider himself their father. Our boys are already 11 years old. They are twins. If only you knew what I went through during childbirth! We had to do a caesarean, but doctors insisted for some reason, I gave birth to itself. As a result, the second son was born one and a half hours after the first - was blue and hardly breathing. After the birth, I was lying in intensive care for a long time. Doctors have told the relatives: the hope that I would survive, microscopically small.

But I got out and cherezdva months we have written with the boys. Next in this difficult time it has been all but Denis, who were better things to do. When I returned home, I began a long debate as to call children. The name of Vladimir everyone agreed. But the second the kid-in-law insisted called Fedor, in honor of her father. I would like George, but then decided to Yuri. But my mother was not appeased Denis: "You`re probably in honor of their children called lovers want?" What kind of nonsense ?!

I never gave Denis a reason for jealousy. And among my close friends did not have any of the Jura or Goshi. In short, after the birth of sons we Matrosov lived long. Love quickly disappeared and left ...

... Hurt?

- And hurt too. Denis showed up when he was three years old. He expressed a desire to communicate with them. We met when I came back with Volodya and Yuri from the garden. I threw the child a few words. They even probably did not realize who it was.

Soon there was a difficult situation - one of the twins had to urgently do the operation, and the required amount of money to me at the time was not. I called Denis. He promised to help. A few days passed - silence. I dialed his number again. Sailors said that will try to find the money, but already had a lot of problems right now, and when they are resolved - is unclear. As a result, it had to borrow from friends. Some time later, Dennis called and said he wanted to spend ekspertizuDNK. Allegedly, he doubted whether it was his children. I, as a woman, these words are very humiliated, and I blurted out: "Denis, you can live in peace, it is not your sons!"

In addition, our relationship ended. Then I met another man. And Dennis ... I`ve got to it did not have any feelings, even indifference.

I do not want to destroy the family

A year ago, you were married to the brother of Nikita Dzhigurda Sergey and even took his name ...

- I took because I believe: a man finally met her! With Sergei`ve known for seven years. And I did not mind that he is older than 17 years. Initially the novel was not any - just friends. Both are not free, we lived in different cities: I - in Moscow, it is - in Kiev. Soon, Sergey began to take care of me. He did it very nicely and tactfully. About any serious relationship, I did not think - I do not want to destroy the family with children. And a year ago, when he divorced, he made me an offer which I naturally replied, "yes!".

With Nikita communicate? They say he is a difficult person ...

- Sergei and Nikita, despite the small age difference - just five years, are quite different, though both artists. Sergey more homey, quiet. Nikita temper harder. Sergei sometimes even expresses Nikita that he goes too far. But, believe me, Dzhigurda Jr. - not so terrible, how it may seem at first glance. He really madly in love with his wife Marina Anisina, doted in kids. Dai former spouses trying to talk in a civilized manner.

But you will agree, a little strange to spread in the Internet videos of the most intimate moments of his personal life: sex with his wife, childbirth.

- We were the first audience Sergei videos shot by his brother. I do not jarred nothing. Nikita was filled with happiness. He just wanted to share it with others. In general, they Marina fellows: two small children despite the fact that millions of the sky is not raining.

Anisina, of course, earns more. Fees French Olympic champion is certainly higher than in Russian artist. But Nikita tries his best: his concerts, tours, movie roles. To them I wish you only the very best!

The role in the TV series "Yard" - one of the biggest of your film works. Perhaps you finance the film really helped?

- For a fee I made repairs in the apartment. However, just because of the money I will not be removed. Often I refuse roles, if I feel that I can not naturally exist in the frame. My character from the "Yard" Anna - a real Russian woman who bravely endured all the blows of fate. But I do not really like her: could not tolerate so much. In its place would have long since left her husband.

What is your secret of female happiness?

- Harmony and understanding in the family. Every day, a woman must conquer a man, pay attention to it, as in the beginning of love. I take care of myself, because I understand that I have no right to look bad even at night!